After a two week stay in Poland I have many good memories left. I surely won’t forget my visits to Tomaszowie, Mazowieckie, Spale, Pisaczno, Warszawa, Torun and Biala Podlaska. Boxing fans can always count on my pictures with autographs. I have received many requests from my fans and I appreciate the support. I would like to thank everyone that I saw in Poland once again, I will never forget the warmth and sympathy I received from everyone. I would also like to thank the president of the International Police Association, Arkadiusz Skrzypczakow for giving me an honorary IPA member title. I would also like to dedicate a separate thanks to the organizer of all my meetings- my sponsor, Las Vegas Energy Drink. Now everything is behind me.

I have finished a long training period after being away from the ring for a few months. I feel refreshed and ready to be back in the ring again. After many tribulations we have finally found someone to be my opponent on August 3rd. Dominick Alexander Guinn, with whom I have sparred with many times before, will be stepping into the ring with me. 

Before my fight with Arreola I trained for a few weeks with Ronni Shields. Dominick Guinn was one of my sparring partners. Tall, built well and a strong boxer. His defense is very strong. It is hard to hit him with a clean, strong hit because he knows how to protect himself. He has never lost by a K.O. in his whole career.

On last Thursday (June 27,2013) my promoters organized the first press conference before the August 3rd fight with Tony Grano. The conference took place in the well known Polish club, Wisla in Garfield. My opponent Tony Grano did not interrupt his training and therefore did not show up to the conference. I think that the meeting with the reporters was very fruitful, even after my long break.

The contract has been signed- Tony Grano will be my opponent at the boxing gala August 3rd, 2013 at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT.

I promised a longer break from boxing and I kept my word. I did not say though that I will not be continuing my blog. Fans are waiting for news from and I have been silent. It’s time for a few words of explanation. After the fight with Cunningham I was going to have a longer break in order to get away from the fast world of boxing. The break was to heal my body after getting beat up for so long. I accomplished that goal and I  have been training again with Roger Bloodworth for a month now. Tomorrow we are beginning strength training. The media has been introducing many of my new opponents. Alsmore fight dates have been discussed.

Last Thursday, Ziggy and I showed up in Wroclaw and many people couldn't believe their eyes. As we were walking down the street we heard people saying that we went to Poland to see the fight between Golota and Saleta. No,The goal of our fight is different. I can write about it now because we already had our meetings and talks. We flew to Poland for a quick and short visit and we were invited by a few sponsors from Poland who are interested in my fight in Poland.

Alas winter has reached the East coast of U.S.A. After hurricanes and floods mother nature is showing another strong side in New Jersey. We are not giving up and we are fighting with the heavy snowfall. The most digging we had to do was to get to our parking spot behind our house. Instead of going to the gym I'm burning calories by digging up all the snow around my house. In this cold I could use a nice warm coat from Poland.

January went by quickly but not without hearing about it in the media. I went to Lake Placid as always, to ski and to rest from boxing. The slopes are 7.5 km long and I got to go down the slope 20 times in one day. That many kilometers on my legs serves as an excellent strengthening workout. But this doesn't count after the fight. What was important was seeing, reading and hearing what the media had to say. It was an absolute media chaos. Drunk Adamek totals his car and is going to jail for a year. From a small sliding accident in a cold and icy city they blew up to some huge collision.

I had my fourth fight of the year. The fight with Cunningham in Bethlehem went down in history. I won, but not my or my fans satisfaction. My fans were not happy. The reporters mainly showed a negative side of the fight. I read the articles where there was negativity but also a lot of praise based on my performance. The judges verdict was like a huge snowball, which rolled from the U.S. to Poland and got more comments on the internet.