I stood eye to eye with huge Michael Grant. Have you not been waiting for it a long time? Oh, there will be a lot happening in the ring on Saturday. He’s a big man with very long hands. But in the ring you have to have so much more- a heart to fight, quickness, strength in a punch, fast legs, resistance of the punches, and super strong mental.

photo: Mike Gladysz

Which one of us has more of those characteristics, we’ll find out during the fight. Today, we peacefully looked into each other’s eyes. About the win on the 21st will decide the duration of the fight, and of course, the judges. I have a concept of conducting this fight, I’m well prepared and the fight with Grant is my next challenge. I and Grant have the same taste; we have the same watches…. For the end, I invite you all to the fight on Saturday, if you also want to see David and Goliath fight, the tickets are still available.