Today, I finished my trainings which were preparing me for the fight on August 21 with Michael Grant. I was preparing 11 weeks for the fight. I worked really hard and I got a form which will help me defeat the opponent, no matter what he and his trainer say in publicity. I must say, my training schedule arranged by my trainers, Roger Bloodworth and Tyler Woodman, was different from the previous ones. Strength exercises included a lot of elements which were building my strength; enhance endurance, improving the structure of certain parts of muscles.

There were exercises on the Burn Machine, the huge hammer and a huge tire; there were steps and stepping on high floors, swimming and running. All of these exercises are struggles with weakness of your character and your body, a lot of pouring sweat. Everything’s under one single goal, to win this fight and start thinking about some serious fights to get the championship belt. Malik Scott, my sparring partner, after the last sparring today, told me that he doesn’t know how I am getting all this strength. His comment concerned the 6 punches in a row that I gave him. After the training he wished me a spectacular win over Michael Grant.

Yesterday, I gave out the interviews to the New York Times and to The Ring magazine for about three and half hour. It was as hard for me as training. THE RING magazine wants to publish an article of me after a fight with Grant. There were questions about my first contact with amateur boxing, professional boxing, and about my first coaches. There was a lot of laugher when I was telling funny stories about the beginning of my carrier. With great curiosity, I’m waiting for the final shape of these interviews.

Good information comes from my promoters about the sale of the tickets; they have received the form that says they have to open new sectors for his fans. Lucky for me, the Hall Prudential Center in Newark, specializes in organizing major boxing galas < > those who want to buy a ticket must hurry so as not meet their profession. For other fans will get a chance to purchase the official poster on the internet shop . Considering the requests of the fans, we will increase the range of gadgets. All of this is easier now since we have that website. I’m glad that the number of visits on the website is increasing. In the guestbook, there are a lot of fans requesting a photo with an autograph. I am not able to send pictures from USA to Poland a thousand times a month. Fans that want a picture with an autograph have to meet with me.

Now, some information about the gala in Newark.  I got informed that I’m going to go on the ring between 10:30 – 10:45 pm in USA. In Poland, it’s going to be between 4:30 and 4:45 am on August 22. The details about the fight will give POLSAT, which traditionally will transmit the fight from the gala Newark. I will go on the ring in the song “Pamietaj” by Funky Polak. I can hear this song sung by my dear fans from New York and surrounding places; Chicago, Houston, or Florida. There will be a lot of people from Poland too. I wish you all see a good fight and will enjoy that timeJ

This is a link of the fights that are going to be on that evening: