An entry in the guest log inspired me to write another blog. I just got back from a three day stay in the mountanious Lake Placid which is known for the 1980 winter Olympics. Thanks to Ziggy Rozalski we went there with a group of friends where I played golf, swam in a pool and ran. The fresh mountain air reminded me of my home, Gilowice which close to Żywiecki lake.

The events here were pleasant because I go to rest but there was also time to talk about boxing among other things.  Leaving there I knew that the decision regarding the Maddalone fight was made. It will be on December 9th, 2010 at the Prudential Center in Newark  with 33 won fights (KO 24) and 6 lost fights (KO 3).

photo: Mike Gladysz

There were big problems finding a free slot and there were tries  by an organization in Atlantic City.  My ties with the Prudential Center and it’s faithful fans caused our decision to organize the fight on Thursday. In Poland, because of the time difference, it will be on the morning of Friday, December 10th, 2010. Thanks to five of my fights in a short time at the Prudential Center, it is the main arena for me and my friends. Before Madison Square Garden was known for hosting boxing, today it so less often.  For now the media is predicting multiple Polish fights but those decisions are up to the promoters and they are the ones that make plans for a gala. The time for details on this matter will come. My training for Maddalone and the actual fight is another part of my adjusting to the heavy weight division.  I read many negative comments about the opponent choice but this is a result of knowing my plans towards gaining the World Champion belt. I tried to explain my choice. Arguments that this is only my fifth fight in this weight category are not reaching a part of my fans. They would like to see me  fight the Kliczko Brothers or David Haye right away. Also keep in mind that my chances of winning are slim. Another group fans who follows my actions and the trainer’s opinions know that I must be adequetly prepared for this fight. Confronting the best I must be prepared for a battle with very strong boxers.  After the Kliczko- Peters fight it could be clearly seen that even good tactic was only effective for a mere two rounds. How the boxing experts estimated it. Kliczko fought very schematically but he was effective. He fought carefully but effectively, from minute to minute he was weakening his opponent. He did not feel threatened for a moment. I received many letters and I read many comments about my last fight with Grant. Many fans compared the results of the two fights with me against Grant and Peters. I am happy that in these comparisons I came out better than Peters. It turned out that my tactic when it is done properly for twelve rounds gives me a chance to get half way. The amount of effective hits that I had given scared Peters. I gave many effective hits and avoided many dangerous ones except for one in the sixth round. What comes out of this comparison, some think not much. Until I will stand in front of one of the masters in the ring and don’t prove myself there will be the normal fussing. This is why I did not agree to the fight with Kliczko,, being on the beginning of the road to the heavy weight division, just after the first won fight with Andrzej Golota.  Roger Bloodworth and I have a plan to come to great physical and mental form as well as great technical schooling, which will allow me to make a decision on the time of the fight. A year ago we were just weighing my chances against mediocre fighters in the heavy weight division. Small Adamek was conquering barriers and persuading skeptics.  Slowly on the rankings for HW my name showed up higher and higher. Trainer to Kliczko’s opinion from that time period Emanual Stuart was known by everyone, Adamek you don’t have a chance with Banks, Estrada, Adamek you don’t have a chance with Aerrola or Grant Stewart changed his opinion and publically admitted that the Kliczko brothers don’t have any worthy opponents except for Adamek and Haye.  I had to prove everyone wrong with my fights in the ring. This proves that I train with great trainers, who who can prepare me for a style of a fight, for every next opponent. I don’t have to admith the fact that with heavy weight I must prepare my body to bear a heavier load while still retaining quickness.  Whoever remembers me from fighting in 2005-2007 can see how I have grown  in the heavyweight division and what has changed in my style of fighting. Everything was worked on through many different trainings.
Two weeks ago I received an unexpected package. I the boxes, which were delivered from Canada, I received the famous Burnn Machine and another tool to strengthen my arms. Link:  . All this was thanks to a Polish constructor of this machine who saw a video of my training, how Roger Bloodworth and Tyler Woodman’s strength trainer.
Link for the article on the BURN MACHINE:
All in all, more work awaits me to strengthen my shoulder muscles, which should add power to my hit. Throughout the training, which will begin on October 4th, we will work on elements of defense, which proved to be my secret weapon in the recent fights. This can be seen very well on videos made with great passion by Nick 12125andrew, Links:
My opponents had a difficult time throwing effective hits thanks to my avoidance with my body balance. These elements must be perfected because you can’t go fight the Kliczko brothers to exchange hits.  There has to be an effective tactic, perfect it, apply it throughout the whole fight, Speed and the ability to give fast punches.  I practiced many of these elements on Grant but many fans think that this is still not enough for Kliczko. I know that I must correct many elements but I also know that I am always learning and that time is on my side. I also remember that there are two brothers and two Kliczko brothers against one Adamek is an unfair disadvantage


Tomasz Adamek z rodziną.

I am happy that within the last couple days Tomasz Adamek wrote to me!!! Tomasz Adamek born in 1970, left Poland 22 years ago. Tomasz wrote to me- Me and my father- Krzysztof Adamek a former drum player from Hagaw and Adrzej Rosiewicz band are your biggest fans. Emmigrated to USA and today found one Adamek for two Kliczko brothers. Unfortunately when I suggested going in the ring he told me that as a musician that he can play on the drum in the ring. And now I have two Kliczko brothers against me.  They are showing faith in their strength and I am finding strength in my faith.  For now I will practice with my trainer and spar with my partners, to show effective boxing against Maddalone.