I realized that life in USA goes by way faster than in Poland. Here, life is rich in events. A few days ago Marcin Daniec visited with a new program. We saw him with our families and got a chance to talk about boxing. He surprised me with his knowledge of boxing and said that he dilligently follows my fights. I now know that besides Jerzy Kryszak, Marcin Daniec is the second comic who is a fan of mine.

I am happy with the fact that to this day they have not said anything about me on stage and that I have not given them a reason to make jokes about me.

photo: Mike Gladysz

The next event which we spent with Ziggy Rozalski and our friends and wives, was a banquet in the Marriott in New York before the Paluski Parade. A couple hundred people including a few Polish activists and organizators of the parade. The parade was on Sunday, October 3rd. I proudly marched through New York. It was a beautiful celebration with the participation of thousands of people and on lookers on the parade route. For the first time Mariusz Wach and Przemek Majewski took part in the parade.

photo: Mike Gladysz

In the evening trainer Roger Bloodworth flew into Jersey City and we had plenty of time in the hotel to plan out my training. On Monday October 4th we began the intense training.  The trainer surprised me yet again. During the whole week for training he used little gloves instead of the big ones. He told me to aim with much speed into small targets, which caused me some trouble at first. But to my surprised, after a few rounds he told me that I am learning fast. 

I then received praise for successful excercises which hit the targets. Trainer heavily ties in trainig of muscles in the arms and chest with the help of BURRN MACHINE. I used the machine for a whole week and had to take longer breaks. This excercises demands strong arms but it also strengthenes the hands. 

On Wednesday Piotr Wilczewski flew in to USA and joined Mariusz Wach. I invited them to my home for dinner and after dinner I showed them some excrecises on the machine. They also agreed that the machine demands strong arms. I'm curious as to how Piotrek Wilczewski with Ralf Mendez are preparing Mariusz Wach at Zaba Judaha's Gala. Mariusz Wach is training right next to me and this way my competition in the heavy weigth division grows for the Kliczko brother's belt. There is much in the media about the heavy weight division. 

Comments are appearing about the planned fights in the heavyweight division until the end of the yeear. Many known boxers are talking about their return to the ring. My fight with Maddalone just got it's official poster. I am doing what I have to, learning under Roger Bloodworth. I will appreciate the characteristics that will be my car in the future. I have to use something to even out the differencs in height, weight and the power of a punch according to the Kliczko Brothers. I remember my fight with Grant and I remember what worked in the ring and what did not.  Roger Blodworth knows which elements we must work on in which time. He will decide when I am ready to fight for the belt and it doesn not worry me that now more often my name shows up in the media as a contender for the belt. I joke with reporters that if the money agrees then I can start fighting in the beginning of 2011. Fight for the world title and the belt needs a necessary environment that brings about such fight.  

A decision like that depends on long negotiations between promotors and lawyers. I will never agree to a fight that is decided upon on last minute which means little money. This is seen today when there are "voluntary title defense" . In this situation the tactics are easy, you need to be a pretender in a few federations and wait for the obligatory defense from the champion. Then the standards of the fight are much better and not only financial. We know how to do that and we have our own tactics. 

Adamek's Media attempts toward other fighters can be planned by PR.  Its worth tracing how they negotiate to fight David Haye or the Kliczko Brothers. The media often omits my goal of obtaining the world champion title in the third weight category.  I never said though in what time I will obtain that title.  The more impatient ones would send me to the ring to fight the Kliczko brothers forgetting that I first need to gain the necessary experience. Many boxing experts and one of the Kliczko brothers admits that I am developing and this leads me to believe that my goal is getting closer. Training, hard work on my tactic, training knowledge and good health are all a guarantee.