Today in U.S.A. Thanksgiving was being celebrated. We will sit at the table and as the tradition calls for, recall what we are thankful for achieving in U.S.A. this year.This tradition dates back to the 17th century and data on this topic can be found at


We invited my trainer, Roger Bloodworth for dinner that night. His presence will allow us to exchange opinions and to set priorities and plans for the future.I know that I still have a fight left with Vinny Maddalone but I think that we have done everything possible to win the fight effectively. This will be the fourth ranking fight which will allow me to secure my position to fight for the belt in 2011.We want to reassure all of our fans though that we want to fight for the belt no later than fall 2011. With whom  I will be fighting is still an open issue. No one else has any more details on this. I expect though that negotiations about this will last for several months. Understanding and signing contracts is dependent on promoters, television and lawyers.After a year in the heavyweight division I am able to do much more than I was in the fall last year. When I decided to switch weight  categories. My stay in USA allowed me to realize my first goal, how to become a heavyweight fighter and sustain that. Aftert he fights with Arreola, Estrada and Grant I was high in the heavyweight rankings. In June of that year I was invited to Chicago,where I received the Muhammad Ali award. Close to September 11th I received recognition in

New Jersey which stated I was the best fighter of 2010 and my name was placed in the NewJersey Hall of Fame


Tomek Admek polski bokser

 photo: Mike Gladysz

Today I saw on the internet I read that in Poland there are 76 sport prospects and TVP for 10 best Polish athletes. I was on the list for the top 25 Athletes. I am very flattered and since it is thanksgiving I would like to thank the organizators for acknowledging my ability throughout my fights. I'am even more flattered because I am fighting far from Poland but I have fans on all sides of the big pond. More training awaits me and on December9th I will use my training against Maddalone. The promoters told me that everything is going well and that the tickets are selling. There will be a great goodbye to the season in the Prudential Center. Despite cold I had during training I feel strong. On the last days of training the trainer agreed to the fans requests and filmed our practice. I received many suggestions and comments. I do not take everything I read on the internet into consideration. Although I know that I am supported by my fans on the road for the belt. In 2011 I will do everything I can to bring the belt to Poland just as I did with the IBF and THE RING belts. Fighting for the belt demands attention, preparation and signing a contract with an actual champion. This is all very difficult but possible. I know that with the help of Rafał Rausz from Gdansk's GRAFIX print I have 2011 calendars for fans. He is only to show the luckydaysin2011. I strongly believe that 2011 will allow us to achieve our set goals. Until that happens I must fight in rank fights. With who, when, for how much are often asked by reporters and fans. I will fight with those who will make an interesting fight in USA or any other part of the world. We will plan new fights after the New Year.

Tomek Admek polski bokser