I train five times a week and during the weekend I try to stay far away from the gym.  We spent this past weekend with our families in Atlantic City where we were invited to a local boxing gala. Through the whole week I am sparring with Toru Hamer, who hits hard and is fast in the ring. I needed that. Hamer forces me to maximum concentration with immense effort. My trainer tells me what combinations of hits I should practice as well as paying attention to my figure during the fight.  Bent legs, lessening my body’s surface area, are both supposed to make hitting me more difficult. Tyler Woodman does my strength training and I must say that he constantly surprises my with new excersises.  On  Monday I am beginning to train with two sparring partners.  I keep a constant weight between 98-100kg. Running and swimming complete my daily training.


Tonight my friends and I were invited to a hockey match between the New Jersey Devils from New York and the New York Rangers, which will be played in the Prudential Center in Newark.  The next day, There will be a boxing gala where Zab Judah will fight Lucas Matthysse. Mariusz Wach was also supposed to attend this gala but his opponent did not arrive for the weigh in ceremony. There is still a hot search for a new opponent. I hope everything goes well because he really wanted to fight in USA.

photo: Mike Gladysz

I found a lot of information about me in the Polish media. Many articles about when, for how much and who I will fight in 2011. I have a contracted fight  on December 9th with Maddalone and that’s all that matters now. All assumptions from the WBC convention did not clear up anything. My promoters are in contact with the Kliczko brother’s representation. There are no details and there won’t be any any time soon, because they live fights as do I and they have contracted fights that they planned this year.  I wrote earlier that after December there may be more facts regarding this.  David Haye will fight Harrison soon and then more uknown will be revealed.  The fact that my name is often mentioned in the USA gives me a guarantee that in the late second half of 2011 there will be talk about my fight for the belt.  The Marcha Gala in New York being planned by HBO is still in the beginning phaze of its process and much time will go by before there will be any details.  I spoke with my trainer Roger Bloodowrth on many occassions about the Kliczko brothers, his comments and remarks are very interesting.  From my understanding  this is the first phaze of his work that is tied into coming up with a successful tactic against fighting brothers.  He constantly tells me that we still have  many elements of training to work on so that I can develop habits in the ring. The upcoming fight with Maddalone will allow the trainers to evaluate my actions in a new environment in the ring.  I cannot write about this simply because it is our sweet secret.

There soon will be a new fight for 2011