Today on the last day of the year its time to sum things up. We are in Lake Placid on vacation for two days with Ziggy Rozalski and our families. Here we will welcome the New Year together. Before this I must thank many people who helped me accomplish what I did in 2010. This was a very difficult yet very accomplished year for me. I got a taste of the Heavyweight division. I had four fight with different opponents.I mostly appreciate the win against the strong Arreola and against the huge Grant. - says in his blog Tomasz Adamek (43-1, 28 KO).


 - After these fights I can admit that I gained much needed experience in the new weight division. This was all possible thanks to great cooperation from  Andrzej Gmitruk, Ronnie Shields and Roger Bloodworth. I also received great support from the weight trainers.  I would not have these fights if it wasn't for my promoters Kathy Duva and Ziggy Rozalski. Won fights allowed me to appear in high federation rankings.  All this brings me step by step closer to  the world champion title in IBF.

We are going through negotiations and regardless of the media speculations I believe that we will arrive at satisfactory results. One thing is for sure is that year 2010 will be remembered as an important one in my career. Besides my four wins in the ring there were other accomplishments.  In August I was in Chicago where I received the Muhammad Ali Award.  Another achievement was receiving an honorary  belt and title of the best boxer in 2010 as well as having my name in the hall of fame in New Jersey.  I was also in the Pułaski Parade in New York.  In Poland I was also recognized and nominated in Przeglad Sportowy and TVP. Which place I will take I don't know but I hope that the voices of my fans will allow me to make it to the top ten best athletes. I will do everything possible to quickly end negotiations about the opponent for 16 April in Katowice so that I can be in Poland for the  Masters of Sports Ball on January 8th. In finishing I would like to thank everyone who gave themselves towards my sport success in 2010. I would like to thank my promoters, trainers and people who gave me advice, without these people my carrier in USA would not have evolved. Thanks to the media who were at every fight and their broadcast and description of the fights were always at the highest level. Special thanks go out to Marta and Mike, who made sure that the media got the most important facts fast. Thanks to all my sponsors who support my goal of becoming the world champion in the Heavyweight Division. A separate thanks is also owed to all of my fans who came to all of my fights, signed in the guest book online and sent letters. Many fans received responses from me but many also did not due to a lack of time. With fans all over the world I got a chance to read their comments on different portals. I will not speculate anything based off of these comments and my wins do not give a reason for such things. I wish all the boxing fans much satisfaction an the upcoming year from watching Polish fighters fight out of Poland. The upcoming year has great events coming in the ring. I'm hoping that towards the end of 2011 I will be fighting for the world title. To all of my friends and family in Poland and all over the world have great time and great New Year!!!!