Yesterday in the Prudential Center I had my fifth fight in the heavyweight division. Before the fight we had a moment of silence at my request for my first trainer, Stanislaw Orlicki, who passed away on December 4th.  I remember my first steps in amateur boxing and my first boxing lessons with Stansilaw Orlicki and Stefan Gawron. Its thanks to them that I quit soccer and picked up boxing.


I said in many interviews that training with Roger Bloodworth does me well and proof was shown in my tactic in the ring last night. While working with me for a year, Roger focused on my weaknesses. Step by step he patiently applied to me new excercises like a teacher would to a student. Our teammwork from the beginning has since translated into a friendship. This also connected me with my last trainer, Andrzej Gmitruk. Almost for 10 years Gmitruk taught me ways of boxing and led me to first successes. Sam Colona also had a part in it, who led me to my first world title.  Along the road there were many trainers who had their influence on me. My road from Stanislaw Orlicki to Roger Bloodworth is long and full of life lessons


 photo: Mike Gladysz

All those lessons I used yesterday in the ring. I did what I said I would when I fought Maddalone. I disabled him from using his tactic. A reporter told me after the fight that Maddalone was not weak or unprepared I was just excellent. Maybe there is something in that because in interviews I was saying that I was feeling stronger and faster. I executed Roger's schooling and tactical plan perfectly. Even Maddalone's words after the fight in the conference are proof of my improvement.  Roger Bloodworth wants to eliminate all of my weaknesses and I want that as well and you can see the effects of this in my fighting. The win with Maddalone is not a reason to be overly excited. During this fight I had to prove to my trainers that all of our hard work brings results. My win with Maddalone should set in stone my boxing style with different fighters. Now comes the time to decide what comes next. I want to say once again to withold from further predictions. the situation in the heavyweight division is hard to forsee. Some fights get called off days, even hours before the actual fight. This way planning of any future fights becomes very difficult. This will be a lot of work for promotors behind closed doors, not in the public eye. Things will be released here and there, to gain an upper hand in negotiations. These media assumptions can't be the base of my feelings such as: he's scared to fight Kliczko, he's running away from Kliczko, he's fighting him because he wants money... and things of that nature. Conversations about future fights will last a long time. Our line of attack on how to a contender in two boxing federations is known. I believe that as I do in the ring, my promotors will also do everything they can to get me to the world title. If I can do it or not, is left to the trainers and me. We are sure that slowly and schematically the Kliczko brothers effective boxing is ending. David Haye is a whole other issue, who will avoid me like the devil avoids holy water. Despite this I will keep trying to organize a fight with Haye. Now it is time for rest and to prepare for a fight in April in 2011. I would really like to fight someone from Poland in the top 20 rankings. polish fans should be able to watch the gathering of two Polish boxers. Everything as always depends on the television and sponsors. Maybe we'll be able to organize everything. But today I would like to thank all boxing fans who gave us wishes and congratulations. Thanks to everyone who came to the Prudential Center and thanks to those who faithfully cheered in Poland. I am happy that the result of the fight satisfied everyone.

photo: Mike Gladysz

To czy dam radę ,czy nie ,zostawcie trenerowi i mnie. Jesteśmy przekonani, że schematyczny, nie efektowny ale efektywny boks braci Kliczko się powoli kończy. Osobną sprawę stanowi David Haye , który będzie unikał mnie jak diabeł świeconej wody. Mimo to zostaną podjęte próby organizacji walki z Davidem. Teraz dłuższy odpoczynek i pierwsza walka w kwietniu 2011 roku. Bardzo chciałbym zawalczyć w Polsce z kimś z pierwszej 20 rankingu. Polscy fani boksu powinni mieć okazję do osobistego udziału w takim widowisku, gdzie jednego dnia będzie można zgromadzić czołówkę polskich pięściarzy. Wszystko jak zawsze zależy od telewizji i sponsorów. Może się uda to wszystko zorganizować. Dziś jednak, pragnę podziękować fanom boksu za wszystkie życzenia i gratulacje kierowane do mnie i trenera. Dziękuję wszystkim, którzy przyszli do Prudential Center, ale i tym, którzy musieli rankiem wstać w Polsce. Cieszę się, że wynik walki was zadowolił.