Today I ended my sparring and my sparring partners were - Tor Hamer and Israel Garcia.  I have my own opinion about these fights and more appropriate would be Roger Bloodworth’s views on them.  In publicized interviews Roger pointed out what we were able to achieve in these trainings.

I happy that it seems like he comes towards what we do with no emotion but every time we do something together  I notice positive emotions. With a smile on his face, with humor and grace the sixty-six year old trainer taught me many things. I definitely improved my balance, avoiding hits, my leg work and differentiating the tempos of a flight. We trained some elements to the point when I just did them out of habit. This is an important skill because Roger  thinks that during a fight in the ring there is no time manually steer with hands.  I plan out the fight first in my head and I go to the ring knowing my established fighting plan.  A small correction or a hint from my trainer is all that I can count on.  So far my fights with Roger in the corner allowed me to observe his calmness and self control. Te older man with a belly does not show to everyone by his stature his behavior during our trainings.  Roger often watches my weight training and he will start to stretch or join in to some of the exercises that I am doing. In the beginning of the week he invited me to the weights  and told me train only a little to test my organism’s reaction on the lifting the weights.  I expected him to stand by me and tell me what to do.  Roger lied down on the bench grabbed the 100kg weights and effortlessly lifted it 3 times.  He impressed me, sixty-six years old, grey hair and his chest is like a forty year old. Now I know why training with him is such a pleasure.

 photo: Mike Gladysz

herefore I  have a lot of respect for a trainer that can ask for a lot but also show a lot.Because I underestimated my trainer’s age twice I must live up to my age. Unfortunately on December first I turned 34 so my dear fans Adamek is getting older in front of you. I did not have much time to celebrate that day. Training in the morning later taking care of legal errands and on top of that a phone call from  Katy Duva from Main Events inviting me to the office. So I went right after my training in my sweats and when I got there, there was a cake on the table and all the workers were present.  During my visit at Main Events we talked about the Maddalone fight in Newark . We agreed to meet after  the fight to set up plans for 2011. Many details came up that cannot be revealed to the media. To this day the media is occupied with the likes of Roy Jones Junior who doesn’t necessarily have a connection with reality.  A lot of misunderstanding came up, especially in Poland as to who will be my opponents, who are being looked at. I happy about the fact that among many predictions there are those that show intelligence about professional boxing. I know that m promoters goal is to take me to the world championship in 2011. With who, with what boxing federation, during what time and under what terms and where in the world all depends on last decisions.  One thing is for sure that the Kliczko brothers and David Haye have the same plans for 2011. The already have their first fights contracted, fighters are for the pretended title - Solis vs Austin.  This means that we will have to have ranking fights to be in all of the federations as a contestant. Knowing life, this can only happen in two boxing federations and this should be enough. We need to also remember that besides the world title and Tomasz Adamek there are other candidates in he heavyweight division with the same goal as mine. For example Jean Marc Mormeck, Eddie Chambers, or Derric Rossy,  who are quickly moving towards the world title.  Old ring veterans are also coming back with new strengths and since they are winning their fights they shut all the commentators mouths. When it comes to me I quietly hope that in 2011 the promoters will organize a ranking fight in Poland. For now known facts : Monday December  6 at 1 pm there will be a press conference and on Wednesday December 8th at 2 pm in Newark, the weighing ceremony. On Monday many reporters and fans from Poland are flying into New Wark. Until Thursday there will be time for conversation and Christmas Shopping.

I would like to thank all of my fans that signed the guest book or sent emails.  There were entries from Poland, USA, Irealnd, Canada,Australia,  Germany, France and many other countries. I would also like to thanks my fans who voted for me in Przegląd Sportowy and TVP for the best Polish athlete.  For those who would like to choose their tenth of athletes: oraz,lista,1001,1.html