First of all I would like to thank all boxing fans for more than 165 thousand votes for me in Przegląd Sportowy and  TVP plebiscite. Fifth place in the plebiscite is a big distinguishment for me. I will put up the trophy I received for auction and all the profits will go to charity.

 fot. Przemysław Madejski

And now its time for information about the negotiations. In winter sports there is plenty of competition and the athletes are on a winding road towards the finish line. I have a feeling that the negotiations about my two fights in Katowice and Wroclaw are also coming to a finish. I can’t give out details but both fights are going to happen. There are negotiations about an opening party before the Kliczko fight in the stadium which was built for EURO 2012. I am convinced that all the large regulations and preparations for the fight have been negotiated through. In the upcoming days the process of signing the contracts should begin.  After obtaining the signatures the promoting aspect of the fight will begin. I believe that nothing should happen that will delay the work of the lawyers and promoters. Already they deserve a congratulations for a job well done. Shortly after the signatures a press conference should be expected where certain details about the fight will be revealed.

At the same time my promoters were having negotiations with Samuel Peter’s promoters regarding the IBF federation. The negotiations did not end in a positive way. This week they should finalize talk about our fight.   A lot points to me not fighting Peters nor Hasim Rahman on Arpil 16th in Katowice, which can be seen in the media. I will do everything so that before the August fight with Wladimir Kliczko I will have a fight in April with a popular and taller than me opponent.  I am in the process of choosing an opponent but a lack of knowing what to bargain with doesn’t allow me to set plans. I have to show up for polish fans but a gala is more difficult for us to organize in Poland.  Roger Bloodworth is waiting for a signal to come to Newark to begin another training camp.  He told me that sitting at home in front of the computer and writing about Wladimir and Witlija Kliczko is tiring him out.   He prefers photos with me in gym and wants to quickly begin training for both fights. We are beginning on the first day of February planned photos.   I am happy because even though I trained 2-3 days a week I am ready to fully begin to train.


 fot. Mike Gladysz

I received many questions about purchasing tickets for both galas and hat tv stations will be covering the fights. All this should be settled soon enough.  Therefore we are waiting for the facts because it is better to discuss about facts than information that has not been checked