The first week of training in the Poconos is already behind me. Our training base in the Fernwood hotel allowed us to have multi faceted training.  A full size ring, a swimming pool a gym and a sauna all allowed a comfortable setting for training.

It was in a beautiful mountanous area slightly covered with snow. I try to run 10 kilometers in the hills everyday with special Zigtech Reebok shoes. We are staying with trainer Roger with a two room suite with a kitchen. We cook delicious meals of fish and vegetable and we also go to various restaurants when we do not feel like cooking. Yesterday we were with friends who visited us in the Poconos and we got sushi.  It was the trainers birthday. Roger Bloodworth does not like to celebrate birthdays but our surprise birthday cake and warm wishes took him by a pleasant surprise. The internet is our only window into the world.  Today a conference was planned in Newark, which we will be attending. There will be questions about plans and preparation for the fights with McBride and Kliczko. Becasue of this there will be not training today but since I have been working so hard these past few days I have been allowed a visit with my family for the weekend. Next week I begin weight training with Tyler Woodman which will be even harder. But I will not be pulling my trainer on a sleigh as Kliczko would in the Alps. I saw a photo on BoxingNews where a smiling Fritz Sdunek was sitting on a sled and had Kliczko as his horse to pull it. I will be burning calories in the pool and the gym where I have excersises made up by Tyler. I have a feeling that I will lose weight and I will look like a thin Mariusz Wach. I did not go to his fight because that would be a big trip and he promised that he will only fight his opponent for 6-9 minutes. He won his fight and at the same time he made his first steps with his trainer in USA. There is a lot of hard work ahead of him before he starts to climb to the top of the rankings but if he trains hard he may surprise many critics.