Negotiations, negotiations and after negtiations. Almost everything is clear and the contracts for both fights are signed. The time of the fight in Newark with  Mc Bride might still come across some changes. The promotors are doing everything they can to find another free time in the Prudential Center. I triain by myself three times a week and am waiting for the finalized decisions.  Roger Bloodworth shuld be coming back February 20th.

Right after his arrival we are going to the Poconos mountains in Pennsylvania. There are great conditions for training. On Monday I am dropping my mom off at the airport after being with us for a month. Next week I am fully dedicating myself to training. In the media there is a lot of speculation who with who and why for so cheap are fighting in HW. Publicized rankings are another topic in forums. I am at peace after signing the contract with Kliczko. Many trainers and promoters talk about the worth of my contract and say that a fight with Wladimir will not happen. Also they say that the Kliczko brothers will not fight me because earlier they will lose their spring fights.  I am afraid that this might be true and Kliczko's opponents - Solis i Chisora, are talking like winners do. They weaken my motivation before the ever so important to me spring 2011. I hope that one of the fighters will spare me one of the Kliczko brothers. In another case the contract will be a great souvenir of something that is very important to me.  

Seriously speaking I don't think the brothers will let themslves get hurt in the upcoming fights. Today the voting for the athlete of the decade opens up on ONET. I am very sad that Robert Kubica is lying in am Italian hospital after an accident.  I met Robert while annpuncing the best ten athletes in Przeglad Sportowy plebiscite in 2008. He was first, for his fourth place in MS F1 he got Superchampion.  After us meeting came my nextdream, I wanted to ride in a Boldy F1.  I was hoping that this wish would come true one day. He was fighting with great speed on the big track of Formula one. I with my quick hits was winning in the small ring. He went to Italy a long time ago to realize his racing dreams. I went to USA to fight the best bozers and gain titles and belts.  Robert has many more fans of his talent. I am included in that group. Today when I have to choose the athlete ofthe decade I will be paired up with Robert Kubica and I know I will bw voting for him. link:

He deserves it and I encourage everyone to vote for Robert because he brought car racing closer to the people of Poland and has been doing extremely well in it. Along with Robert we strongly believe in God and we do not hide it.  It is not by coincidence that Robert drives with the sign JP II on his helmet.  I believe that Robert will soon overcome his wounds from his accident and will soon return to racing. I wish him health and a quick recovery. Robert, get through this, this is only another test of your character.