Time passes quickly, the banner on the website shows 26 days to the next battle with Kevin Mc Bride. Bushikill workouts, a charming corner of Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, is a kind of asylum. Away from the hustle and bustle of big cities I have been training every day. Elements of strength training and sparings.  I also practiced combinations of punches, ran through forest trails and swam. There are elements of strength training. Trainer Roger Bloodworth has discussed with me the most important tactical elements that I need to accomplish in the ring. 

In discussing these elements we used the video recording of  my fight with Michael Grant. It is known that Kevin and Grant are similar in style : Kevin is  heavier. More difficult to hit such a giant effectively both in the head and in the painful body site. Moves must be  precise  for the desired effect. Important will be the first round of conditioning and preparation. Kevin says that he has arguments with gloves and use them. As for the gloves, then I have to share a certain curiosity. The company released a new generation of Everlast gloves ring under the trade name,, Protect 3. For several days I tested these gloves to eventually return to the previous version, Protect 2,,. The new one felt like a tight shoes. The coach helped  me find the right size gloves, the size of my fist, and now I can go into battle, even tomorrow. Grant said that I was not able to effectively use my power punch and he lost the fight. Yesterday I watched his interview after the last fight during which he wept like a child. Do not come to terms psychologically with the failure of that lost, little,  Adamek. This is the price we are paying fighters after losing battles in the ring. Otherwise it is like fighting overcome their weaknesses and win an important battle. 

Tomek Admek polski bokser

An example may well be, small, Paweł Wolak, which I saw in the fight with Foreman. What might Paweł in the ring, this massive, relentless and devastating attack from the first fight to the last second, he must arouse respect. What do you call a style of boxing Paul? What's in it plays an important role - to defend or attack? Is this the style of Paul will be effective on its next opponent each? On the other hand, the simple task to opponents of Paul and their coaches. Paul did not change style after struggling just to fight the fight. However, it seems that the fight faster. A great victory Paweł Wolak over Foremanem opens the new opportunities for promotion of sports and financial. Another fighter, who is to succeed Piotr Wilczewski, who broke in Helsinki Asikainen's  plans. I talked by phone with Piotr before and after the fight, and I know he is very happy with the belt, which he won. With our package only Wojtek Bartnik announced that he ends his career. Sad is his statement, because Wojtek is the soul of the company and a great friend. I was hoping that we can still fight on one boxing event some day. Now his love of boxing will provide young students in Oleśnica. Polish professional boxing in the world starts to mean more and it made me so happy. For next fights is waiting many Poles, highly quoted in the rankings. It makes me very happy and proud.