The future gala in Newark is the last obstacle before me. Now all that there is left is organizing the event and training before my fight with Kliczko. My fight with McBride gave me a lot of satisfaction from my tactics that I had talked about with my trainer. For the full twelve rounds I fought the fight how I wanted.

I needed this fight to test my ability to receive blows and also to test my defense. The fans all saw what happened in the ring. I will remark about a few things that are important to me. First I discovered that the magical training place in Bushkill, PA allows to work out a great stamina. The training wasn't very high in the mountains but during the fight I felt great and I did not feel exhausted after the fight. This has a great influence on my body. Lenox Lewis discovered this place. Our next training we will plan in the same place in the Poconos mountains. Second, I did not allow myself to get hit by a strong blow which shows improvement in my defense. An important factor of the fight was to not be in the line of hits from him and avoid static positions. Third, my trainer evaluated my blows to determine which ones would be most effective. Kevin's good shield did not allow for heavy target blows to the head. Because of this I gave him many blows to the face. The after effect was clearly seen after the press conference.  Kevin's face was very swollen. I read many comments in the press and on the internet as to why there was a lack of a k.o.  I wrote about this many times and said that when I go into the ring I do not plan on killing someone. I value effective hits and not brutal fouls or knock outs. If a hit is to be a knock out it has to fulfill a few categories. I want to win by having more blows than my opponent because that is how you win by the rules. I do not hope that there is that one blow that will beat my opponent in every fight. Many fighters think that way and therefore end their fights quicker than they expected. At our fight at the Prudential Center there were thousands of Polish and American boxing fans. Andrej Fonfara and I are very greatful for all of that support. You could feel Poland from the beginning until the end of the gala. I will not be at the Prudential Center for a little while. It's a shame because for many people from Houston, Chicago, New York, Poland or even Canada that was a place for joyful gatherings. Today I would like to thank all the organizers, promoters, trainers and workers for organizing the gala. I would like to thank everyone for signing the guest book and for the congratulation letters in the mail and on the internet. From all of your letters I can read the emotions that everyone had while watching my fight. Please keep writing letters and taking photos because I am sure that all of those things will be used to document my boxing career. Many young people write to me as well as older people with a lot of life experience. I received an interesting letter from Mariusz Białobłocki from Rychtela. In his parish everyone knows who Robert Kubica is or Tomasz Adamek. How many little sport towns like that are there in Poland or beyond the borders? Those are real boxing fans and for them my chance to win the fight with Kliczko is not measured in percents. They are with me for the good and the bad.