Once again, I finished training camp to fight in the ring. This time I improved my skills in peace and quiet of a Pocono Mountains. Many times in interviews with the media pointed out that with every training camp I'll be back very happy. I say simply, that I still learn something new. This is undoubtedly thanks to trainers with whom I work. Over the last year followed a number of new exercises, which in previous years, a career I did not recognize.

Today I can say that I changed my way of striking, because the more muscular shoulders and the shoulder belt allows me to do this. I ask not already signaled large, flails, which already has often failed to end. Shares and combos asked for must be effective without the opponent's block. In the heavyweight division, you need to learn energy management. You can not shoot in the early rounds, which in turn affects the rate of decline and often makes us an easy target. Inflicting blows have to think about defense, but also find time to relax. In this case, is useful for good footwork, which allows instantaneous I avoid the danger, but I can also provide a momentary rest. I am writing this because I know that the fight against the great Kevin McBride carries many risks. They could see this as such fighters Tyson or Goota. Kevin is famous for a blow with his right hand and a great resistance to blows. That it is free is a secondary issue, because to ask him to blow it and so I have to get closer to his great hands. Then maybe hit me, and probably will want to do it many times. I have to be quicker, ask series of blows that will be forced to defend it. Before we go on the attack, I must be out of reach of his arms. The plan for the fight, body balance, continuous movement in the ring and thought-attack. Tactics similar to that of Grant. It is important to the psyche to withstand blows and adopted without a shadow of doubt in the efficacy overwhelm him with their blows

Oto link do programu wieczoru w Prudential Center : http://boxrec.com/schedule.php?country=US&division=&title=&tv=&SUBMIT=Go

This is the link for the program of that night:  http://boxrec.com/schedule.php?country=US&division=&title=&tv=&SUBMIT=Go

Albert Sosnowski's last fight showed that he was very close to winning, but one blow and being tired crossed his chances for the belt. The consequence to this  was a heavy knock out, after which he has to quickly gather himself and return to the ring being richer with experience.  There was no fight, there was now show in another fight.- Krzysztof Wlodarczyk. Personally, as a professional I did not want to commentate on this. Many things point to some changes to his boxing style. The trainers need to quickly asses why the whole fight was done with his gloves glued to his face the whole time. His own answer will confirm this, because he completely fought hidden and his activity he will rate as 70%. Does this fight show that he cannot fight effectively for viewers? Time will tell and from my experience that it is never too late to learn boxing. After living in the USA for 3 years I have met many trainers and watched many big fighters train. In Houston Ronnie Shields and Roger Bloodworth showed me an all sided program which I have never seen before. Later in New Jersey I have encountered even more elements to my training which made me even better. We patched up my defense so well that now I receive unwanted hits. I improved my balance, my foot movement, my body positioning and standing sideways to my opponent. I had to train this daily. When I watch my fights from years ago I already notice improvement. Roger Bloodworth proved his intelligence as he said a year ago. He said I need to have a couple fights to appreciate the heavyweight division and I will be experienced to fight Kliczko. Roger did not tell me who to fight in order to get a taste of the heavyweight. Different fights against different opponents were great practice for me. Today a fighter as big as a bear does not frighten me.  Fans are waiting and get even more excited to see how the small guy does against the huge ones. The fight with Kevin will be interesting and will give me experience in the ring.

 There will be a press conference before the fight. Yesterday many Polish reporters flew in from different medias. The tickets for the fight are selling well and many Polish people from many countries joined in on the celebration.  Two days ago Wladyslaw Ligocki, a snowboarding trainer  claimed his tickets. His daughter Paulina Ligocka is constantly in events all around the world. The whole Ligocki clan lives in Cieszyno but now Wladyslaw Logicki had an opportunity to be in the USA and he can see me fight live. It is important to note that the fight will start in Poland on April 10th, early morning. On this day celebrations will begin closign off the mourning for the presidential flight with 96 people on board. I will do everything I can to acknowledge this event approprietley. 


Tomek Admek polski bokser

I am receiving many letters wishing me luck before the fight. I am reading them and replying to some. I am also receiving interesting offers to work with other people. A few days ago I have received a portrait of me done in pencil by Ms. Wioletta Korbanska. The Dirty Ray company had tested a few shirts with that portrait on it. There will soon be a larger online store with more choices of clothing and accessories.

Tomek Admek polski bokser

foto: Mike Gladysz

Tomek Admek polski bokser