This is my request to authorize ms. Violetta karbanska.

I havent written in a long time but the Easter holidays, trips out of the city and affairs at home have taken up my free time. Last week I was invited to meet with an American Olympic Medalist in winter sports. I had an opportunity to create a close bond with medalists from Vancouver. This was a charity event organized by the new York Ski Educational Foundation in Loeb Boathouse restaurant in Central Park. The hosts that evening were well known American skiers and medalists, Bill Demong, Andrew Weibrecht, Peter Frenette and Tommyn Biesemeyer and a CBS star Rita Cosby led the evening. Throughout the evening we discussed the complexity of skiing in Lake Placid, where they often train and where Ziggy and we come at least  two times a year. The skiers cover their vision with a full body suit, e helmet and goggles. They said jokingly that it is much easier to spot me since I go to the ring wearing only shorts. After spending the evening together it is sure that I have a few new boxing fans and we will for sure meet in the winter on skis in Lake Placid. At the end they wished me good luck in fighting Vitali Klitschko for the world title.


In the silence of his home, my trainer Roger Bloodworth is working on many organizational issues. He reminded me that as a trainer he was in Wroclaw 12 years ago, when he assisted along with Ronie Shields and Lou Duva to Andrzej Golota in his fight with Tim Witherspoon. I stay in daily contact with Roger and I know that he is on the phase of watching wital's fights and finding for me appropriate sparring partners and establishing tactical details. We already know how my training will look before the august fight in Wroclaw.The first few weeks we will be in the gym in New Jersey and the second portion in Bushkill in the Poconos mountains where I prepared for the fight with McBride. Now I re,ain in constant motion, I play tennis, run exercise with my daughters  or train my arms with the Burn Machine. I dont swim and I don't do any weights, there will be time for that with the weight trainer, Tyler Woodman. Of course I cannot forget about the advice from my fans and boxing specialists from their letters.I'm sure there will be more of this advice since I am going to Poland. I hope for many gatherings and promoting events to promote the august fight. Many fans are writing to me and awaiting answers to questions such as when will the ticket sales start and where they will be sold. I cannot answer those questions because that is information restricted to the promoters and hopefully that information will become public soon. Sponsors have the same questions because they want to advertise at the gala. The organizers will also relay that information. Everything will be cleared up at the press conferences in Poland, Germany and USA