First of all I would like to thank everyone who took part in organizing our stay in Poland. Special thanks to Infinity Polska Sp. z.o.o which lent me a car for my stay in Poland and in Germany, an Infinity M37.

Tomek Admek polski bokser

Thanks to the organizers of the press conference and the present reporters. Thanks to the media, boxing fans were able to have live footage on the planned fight. Special thanks also to a company in Wroclaw, SMG and the city authorities did everything so that the conference went well. We had many interviews but we did not get a chance to have a one on one with every reporter. Now we have another press conference scheduled in New York in July.

I had plans to come back to Warsaw for a couple of days but due to crucial medical testings before the fight I have to postpone my visit. After my week long stay in Poland and a weekend spent at Lake George I feel slightly sick and I must have caught some virus. Today online ticket sales began in Poland and in Germany. The promoters said that after one day there is a huge interest. Links for the tickets:


  Yesterday turned on my computer and received mail after not having Internet for a week. I received a lot of advice from boxing fans about the fight with Witalij. I know that thousands of emails and letters do not change my circumstances. At the end of the day I will be in the ring alone and will have to fight for the belt and the title myself. I have good news for boxing fans, my first meeting with Witalij I will remember as a pleasant one. There was mutual respect and the meeting was elegant. When I looked into his eyes I knew everything would be okay. It's strange that Solisow avoided his stare begin afraid of being paralyzed during the press conference. I'm sure that we are going in the ring with him to prove by sport rules who is on a higher level. Boxing fans have different opinions as to my chances against Witalij. All think we each have our assets but most are favoring Witalij. What do I think? I say that in order to realize my dreams I have to win. Witalij said that he will not give me the belt without a fight. 


Tomek Admek polski bokser

fot. Marek Sendek

In order to win I have to have these characteristics: wanting to win, quickness, good defense, being hard to hit, my condition, tactic, the right combination of hits and control of the fight. The disposition of the day, fans and other attributes may also play a big role. One thing is for sure, I am going into the fight knowing that Witalij is not as big as I thought. I have to say that Grant seemed much bigger in the ring. In Witalij I see long arms and legs but his torso gives anlesser effect than Grant. Now time  will come to put everything in it's place. Strength training, preparing my tactic, choosing the right sparring partners and coming to Poland 10 days before the fight. First five weeks of strength training will be organized with Rocky Marciano in New Jersey. Later we are going to Bushkill in the Poconos mountains, where all the details will be finalized. My Nutrition will be important as well as rest and massages. So far everything is going well. Do I have a chance to win? I will answer how Witalij answered at the press conference. Both of us already have a greater that 50% chance after going into the ring. We can raise our percentage by fighting round by round. it is up to us if we will be able to make a bigger percentage in fight in the ring. I am not counting on the judges to help me but I do ask that they are objective. There's a lot of time until the August fight and many things to be planned. Hopefully the builders will finish the stadium on time. I know that there are intense negotiations as to  the program of the fight in different weight categories at our gala. There will be Polish fighters but which ones is dependent on their skill of their promoters and organizers as well as managers. I hope that they are good fighters because many boxing fans throughout the world are looking forward to this fight.