In a week is the last training in Bushkill. After that, quick packing and a flight to Poland. September 1st  I  will be landing in the Chopin airport in Warsaw to fly to Krakow. Its unreal how quickly the past few weeks of training have went by. I left a lot of sweat and hard work in that beautiful place. With the hard physical training came hard psychological training as well. A few days ago I lived through my first earthquake. I was sitting in my room and all of a sudden I started shaking in my room.

For a few seconds my trainer and I did not know what was going on. Siedziałem w pokoju i nagle zacząłem się trząść na krześle. We ran outside the hotel and there was a small group of people already standing there. There was shock, like after a hard hit in the ring. There is a difference though that a hit in the ring hurts but we here there was psychological effect, which will prepare me for Witalij.

The Grant company made special shoes and gloves for me.

A few weeks ago I hosted representatives from the company who measured my hands and feet. The shoes and gloves match the colors of Team Adamek clothes. I had first tests of the equipment in the ring. I hope that my new shoes will carry me far in the ring. I am very satisfied with my training, eveb though it was long it did not tire me out or bore me. I think that I could train like that more. Roger Bloodworth thinks that I gained a new level of kill because of how long I trained for. I have tactical training and everything goes through my head before I do itToday I can say that I can go into the ring with more confidence and experience. It is important how I will get accustomed to Poland. Planners of the gala already organized for us to do a training for the media, a press conference and a weigh in ceremony a day before the fight. It turns out that the tickets for the fight almost all got sold. Also air time for the fight was sold to hundreds of TV stations throughout the world. The size of the gala makes me realize that this is a world class event. The fight with Witalij proves to raise more and more people’s interests. Many reporters may complain that I do not have time for press conferences or photo shoots. Forgive me, but for this fight I must put myself in full concentration and have some rest. I apologize that I am not that available before the fight. The press conference should be enough for those who still have unanswered questions. I know that September 10th is a fight of a lifetime for em and I do not want to ruin that chance. Witalij does complement me in the media but at the same time he says he will not let me win. The ring will show our chances and see who prepared more. No matter the outcome I know that this fight will go down in boxing history book for many reasons. We will see exactly for what reasons on the day of the fight. In sports as well as in life everything will happen on its own ending in success. Poland must finally have a World Champion in the heavyweight class. This title belongs to boxing fans, trainers and the boxers and should serve as a motivation. I thank those fans coming to cheer us on and also those that will be watching on tv. When I look online I see that I have more and more supporters. That’s another reason why I cannot let my fellow countrymen down. Soon I will have 2 million visitors to my web page. This is also an interest in what I do everyday. I hope to say something before the fight if I have time for a new pos. Thank you for all your support and what will be done with the fight will be decided afterwards.

Additionally we are attaching an article below about a charity event:

On September 1st there will be a charity gala in Otwocek.


There will be a lottery where people will be able to win some things that belonged to Tomasz Adamek. Items such as shorts, a robe, gloves, two shirts and autographed photos. The main prize is a ticket to Adamek’s fight with Witalij. The event organizer, Malgorzata Kupiszewska does not leave out that Tomasz Adamek may be present at the event if he can find some free time from training. Also the legendary boxer, Jerzy Kulej was also invited.

In the artistic program people can find works by Krystyna Bochenek and Hanna Lewandowicz. A piano recital from the Teatr Wielki and the Opera Narodowa with Malgorzata Piszek who will be accompanied by Jakub Piszek and Paulina Chodkowska as well as Joanna Stefanska- Matraszek and Robert Szpregla, there will be a concert from "Laskowski Band". Actor Stanislaw Gorka will have a contest where people can win certain paintings by Polish artists. It will begin at 6:00 pm and the tickets are 150 PLN.