There is a lot going on in Bushkill but not much makes it outside. In the perfect atmosphere two sparring partners try to defeat me in the ring. Many rounds and changes of sparring partners and realizing my next tactical moves. I watched Witalij's fights online. In the background of a training arena in Austria there is a huge LCD TV and the Adamek-Banks fight. Only this way I can see my good and bad attributes.

I made my own style accustomed to my physical capabilities. It can be seen that Witalij did not look for sparring partners such as Adamek, he was satisfied by watching my fight. In Bushkill we have our ring fights and afterwards we relax at the pool or go for a relaxing run in the mountains. I am very satisfied with my sparrings but I have to admit that Roger Bloodworth surprised me by choosing a third sparring partner. I expected that after two really tall giants there would be another huge guy with huge shoulders. Instead there was a smaller boxer who was barely 140 cm but had great ability. He puts on his gloves and fights me with the hope of becoming a champion one day. In a picture next to Deontay Wilder and Malik Scott he presents himself promisingly. In one word one more joined the three musketeers, he's smaller but without him it would not be the same. The trainer says that Malik Junior Scott will be a great fighter, just like his father.

There is no lack of action around here but my hectic training schedule forbids contact with the media.  Last week we spent a couple of days with the German television RTL, which will be showing our fight. There were photos in the gym, in the pool, in the mountains as well as in our hotel apartment. The Germans were very satisfied after we showed them out culinary talents.  We cook for ourselves everyday and specially prepared fish was very well liked by the RTL crew. This way in promoting the fight to Germany i played two roles, of a fighter and a chef. Unfortunatley, despite my hard training I have gained weight and weigh an even 100 kg. This shows that the past weeks had a significant effect on me. I gained more of the muscles that I will use in the ring. There is an opinion that little Adamek grew a little and is a little more like the heavy fighter. We hear from Poland that the building of the stadium is getting close to being finished and there are not many tickets left. My guests entries online also make me happy. Ones write "you must win" and others write "you will surely win!". There are also those who don't believe in me winning. There is one big gala on the way though because there are names of boxers who will be in Wroclaw. There is a huge chance that there will be unforgettable fights to watch. From the list of fans we can see that people are coming to see the fight from all over the world, from Australia, USA, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Great Britain and other countries. A huge group of Polish people want to go to Wroclaw to sign the guest sheet. They write to me that they are making shirts, scarves and flags. The words of Funky Polak's song, which I will be entering the ring to, sound like the national anthem. This shows that the setting of the world far from Bushkill is very excited. Today I though that since I have to be in Poland on September 1st, there are only 3 weeks left of training in USA. I will soon greet Poland and my last week will be devoted to relaxing.