I have been realizing the program put together in Poland by our new sponsor, Las Vegas for the past 10 days. I was in Lodz for LKS match against Podbeskidzie Bielsko Biala, where I had a chance to meet many boxing fans. I also met up with a big LKS fan, Marcin Gortat who proposed a sports rivarly between us.

foto: bokser.org

We had a penalty goal contest. I guarded the goal first and Marcin threw in the ball and then we switched roles. In the second round I beat Marcin and won the penalty shot contest. There was also drum playing and warm ups from both teams prior to the game. Marcin and I were giving out autographs late into the night. The next day I was in Wroclaw taking part in Monster Truck contests at the local stadium Therefore I was back where i had the fight with Kliczko for a short period of time. Some memories came back but very briefly because my schedule for the day was very full. Contact with the fans at the stadium allowed for an exchange of opinions about the event the fight. On Sunday and Monday I was in my family home in Gilowice. The next day I drove my Infiniti FX35 3D across Poland up North to Sopot. There, I had a photo session and filming for three days for our sponsor's commercials. On Saturday it's back to Warsaw for more meetings. I lived through the Bemowo airport, where I played driver of the rides. 

foto: bokser.org

Today I am leaving for Kolonia, where I will take part in a party. On Thursday, October 13th I will be back in Warsaw for more meetings with the media. On Friday, October 14th in the afternoon I am flying to USA. During my free time I see whats going on on the internet. i found out about Grzegorz Prosky's great fight which won him the Mr. Europe title. I congratulate Grzegorz for getting that title and urge him to go after the World title. He has potential to be the best and has a unique style of fighting. My thinking about boxing will finally get some rest once I get to USA. One thing is for sure that I want to fight for a second time for the world title in the heavyweight division. With who I will fight and what course I will have to take will be discussed among team Adamek throughout time. I'm sure details of our arrangements will come out. Another try at the heavyweight title is the only logical consequence of what I lived through in Wroclaw. Boxing fans supported me very well mentally. I received many heart felt letters and thousands of people signed onto my website. Through the course of two weeks, more than 120 thousand fans visited my page. There was so much positive writing on the website and in the letters. That helped me get through the aftermath of the fight with Witalij. On the webpage I have received the following good news. I found out that my webpage was nominated for one of the best web pages on the internet. Today I found out that thanks to my fans who voted for me I won the first edition of the contest in the athlete category. The amount of votes I received greatly surpassed the amount other athletes had received.  

Link for the first stage of the contest:

: http://polskiinternet.org.pl/2edycjaglosowanie_strona_wynikowa.php

Now until October 28th is voting for the second phase :


I am counting on you guys and please vote for my page! If I win there is a chance that I will be back in Wroclaw in 2012 to receive the prize statue.