I was quiet for a long time but now it is time for another portion of information about my plans for the future. After I came back from Poland I had to rest for a week because I had gotten sick while I was there.  A rich program during my stay including traveling many miles, meeting with Las Vegas reps had to all go on despite my physical condition.

Today I am spending the day at a soccer match in Lodz and going to the Monster Truck events in Wroclaw. While in Warsaw I also met up with Maciek Krasnodebski because he asked me to as well as the Make a Wish foundation. I know that for him meeting me was a big dream come true and even though it happened last minute, with the help of many friends we made it happen and he will remember it forever. Maciek, being a young boxing fan, cheered me on through my fights in the ring and after meeting him in Warsaw will cheer him on to full health.

Since Friday, November 4th I will be near St. Louis, where I was training with Roger Bloodworth. Link: http://www.google.pl/search?q=saint+louis+usa&hl=pl&biw=1280&bih=553&prmd=imvns&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=75K6Tvb8Hq304QTwqKinCA&sqi=2&ved=0CDYQsAQ


A small town called Green Carbon right by St. Louis is my trainers home. He knows the local gyms here very well since he trained not only one boxer in this area. Going to train in St. Louis means a lot to both of us. I, being far from my family can concentrate on my training. Throughout this time we will be discussing our training details and executing the next phases of the planned activities. Today, after a few days of training I have to say that the trainer surprised me. We trained and as we were training we were discussing and he is showing me the mistakes I made in my earlier fights.  He showed me writings about my previous fights on the computer. This way he shows me what I have to learn and how to present myself in the ring better. The work outs for the next two weeks have a goal of perfecting my technique in the ring. I am happy with how we are directly addressing my flaws and working on them in the ring. I have to work on my technique but not my speed. I wasn't quick enough in the ring with Kliczko but we know the causes of that. We made a few mistakes in the preparation for the fight in Wrocław. For example having adequate time to get used to the time difference in Poland. Now before a fight in Poland I will be sure to spend a whole training cycle in Poland. I noticed that the day of the fight my disposition was not ideal. After returning from St. Louis I am taking a vacation with my family to Aruba, since the fight with Kliczko did not allow us for an earlier vacation. After vacation its back to St. Louis for a photoshoot for Bloodworth's academy. We are going to sit down next year to organize the fighting schedule.  I hope we can organize fights that are interesting for both me and my fans. We will include a fight in Poland. All these fights have to give me ranking fights so I can be in line for the HW championship.  Im happy that Polish boxers are placed high in the rankings in some federations. More and more Polish fighters are fighting at galas organized in USA. There will be constant development of Polish boxing even during these tough economic times.