It's the end of training and the press conference and the weigh-in are behind me. Now only a short walk and waiting for the next fight. At the press conference I stood next to Nagy eye to eye. This fact always has to be commented. He is a little bit shorter than me and is a nice guy over all. He admitted during the press conference that I was bigger than he expected. That was a point for me in the psychological fight.

We had to show what we were working with at the weigh-in.  I did not want to be lighter than him so I weighed in with my sweatpants on. Unfortunately I weighed less than he did. I was 100.9 kg and he was 102.5 kg. I should have put stones in my pockets to weigh more. Next time I will have to prepare myself better. Confidence and the outlook on the fight is important. With this fight I am beginning my second attempt at the Heavyweight title. How much time this will take, how many fights I will have and with who, time will tell. On the day of the fight it is time to turn the clocks back in Poland. My hope is that boxing fans are turning their watches an hour earlier to watch my fight live on the 25th at 4:30.

After my time off I will enter the ring differently. For the past fe months Bloodworth and I have been training many technical elements. We spent a lot of time on my posture in the ring. I am lower and my side facing my opponent, I will be more difficult to hit. Aquilera is not a schematic fighter, he changes his tactic a lot throughout the fight and is quite fast in attacking. He is often the one to get a lot of press on his opponent. There is only one remedy for that, blows to the side which are very weakening. The first few minutes of the fight will be very important to me because I want to use all my tactical moves that I have been training. Who will win we will know in a few hours. I really want to win this fight, so that I can carefully train for a fight in June. Today in Atlantic City there will be other Polish boxers fighting as well. There will be many emotions for boxing fans from Saturday to Sunday. I wish all my friends the best of luck in all of their fights. I want to thank all of my fans for their support . There won't be the same atmosphere as in all my other fights but we will get back to that in June.