Yesterday in world boxing and fitness center in Jersey City (New Jersey) I had a media training before my fight with Nagi Aguilera (17-6, 12 KO), which will take place on Saturday, March 24th in Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn, NY. Link:


As usual, before a fight I had the same questions asked about my well-being and how I've been preparing. I feel good and nothing is bothering me which is very important. I did pretty well in the spars with Derrick Rossy, Bobby Gunn as well as two less known American boxers. Derrick and Bobby received harder punches from me and I hope they know that their work on the strength in my hits did not go to waste. Tylor Woodman, my strength coach gave me a different set of exercises. This flowered by a combination of strength training and building up muscle weight. Just in short three weeks my opponent, Nagy Aguilera will be testing out my newfound elements in the ring. My opponent is called the Dominican Dynamite, I will have to watch out for this. After a longer break I will be fighting for 10 rounds. I play out the fight in my head beforehand and I will have to verify myself in the ring. I hope that the fight will play out like  I think it will. A small room in which the gala will be organized by Zab Judah, will be a different experience for me. I have gotten used to being cheered on by thousands of fans and now there will only be a handful of fans. This all proves that I want to show myself in front of more fans with even better fighters. By Tomek " Funky Polak"'s request I will enter into the ring with his song. Video:

: And also check out his other songs that deal with emigration:,funky_polak,jestem_jak_strzala.html


Within the past few days Andrzej "Diego" Tomaszewski, the author of "Fighter" wrote to me. He promised that soon his other work "Fighter 2" will be released. The first book earned a lot of publicity and respect, so I eagerly will be waiting for a return of his talent. Link:

After the fight in Wroclaw, a lot has happened in boxing. Fights, scandal, re-matches and fighters being provoked keep boxing an unpredictable sport. Witalij Kliczko found himself in a weak disposition and is slowly reaching the decision to end his career. Years Re flying by and I know something about that. The line of contenders for the heavyweight title is being extended with Hauck, Helenius and Arreola. New talent will flash by from USA and Europe but we have yet to see talent like Kliczko. From one side there are veterans of the ring like Mormeck and other there are young fighters counting down the days until the Kliczko brothers leave. Only they will decide when they will walk away and leave their belts and titles. It's for those belts that everyone in the Heavyweight category will be fighting for. In 2013 I must fight for my belt and , championship title in the heavyweight category. My goal will not change and my closest fights must help me realize that goal.