Everything went very quickly and smoothly. Nearly two weeks after my fight with Aguilera I signed a contract to fight with Eddie Chambers. The fight will be on the 16th of June in the well-known Prudential Center in Newark. NBC Sports Network will be airing the fight. In Poland I believe Polsat will be airing it.

Planning this fight went really fast but it all depends on the hard work of good people. Eddie Chambers is a known fighter in the American heavyweights. We are similar height and he is known for good technique and for his speed in giving blows. For the longest time he has been noted in the rankings of different federations. Predictions about the fight can be found here:


It should be a good and fast fight, after which one of us will be closer to winning the belt. I am happy to be returning to the Prudential Center and fighting there again. I have won many fights there in the past. I expect to find more Polish boxers in the night's program. The signing of the contract and how soon the fight is demands a fast start to training. Right after Easter I am going to St. Louis for the first sessions with Roger Bloodworth. The whole cycle should last about 7 to 8 weeks. In two weeks we will know the details as to the locations of the work outs, sparring partners and what we will be doing specifically. Chamber's style is very well known and we will not have to watch him on video. I have to prepare for a hard fight with a very demanding opponent. This will be a big show from both Chambers and I. "Fast" Eddie Chambers was at my fight against Nagy and saw me fight live. We will see how he will use his observations in the ring.



Time for information about my injury. The swelling on my left hand has gone down and I am feeling less pain when I give punches. I am very satisfied with the treatment that Dr. Chester Melone gave me and with his spot on diagnosis as to how long the healing process will take. I wish all my fans a wonderful and peaceful Easter holiday!