For a few days I waited in silence and thought about how people were judging my fight with Walker. I read many different articles. Today after calming my emotions, I can say that many fans appreciated my win. This time the predictions proved themselves in the ring. It was a war of fists. 

Tomek Adamek polski bokser]

The first round was a mutual examination. The second round was the realization of each others tactics. He planned to use his right and that was what he did.  He did everything fast and at a moment when I wasn't stable on my feet. The effect was seen in the photos from the gala. I fell to the ground with my feet up but thankfully I did not lose consciousness. In the photo I rather see my surprise than pain from the blow. I stood up quickly and survived his frontal yet ineffective attack.  He was waving his arms around in victory while I was avoiding his hits. He did not hurt me with those punches because I avoided them or blocked them. For a moment he let up and I noticed that he was more tired than I was. I had to attack because he lost a lot of power during those punches. I hit right on target with my left one time after another. There were 22 seconds left in the second round when I started the frontal attacks. Walker did not take my attacks too well. He crouched in my corner as if he was apologizing for sending me to the ground earlier. I wanted to finish the job myself but there was not enough time and the round ended. The judges could barely hear the gong which got lost in the sea of cheering fans. 

Tomek Adamek polski bokser

The third and fourth round gave me back my confidence. In the fifth I turned up the tempo and attacked. After a series of about a dozen punches the judge interrupted the match. This was an emotional show, as confirmed by fans and my friends and the media. Others mentioned that the old Adamek is back and they remember this style from my previous lower category fights. I treasure the opinion of well known professionals such as Janusz Pindera with whom I met before and after the fight. He told me that the fight was emotional and that it was similar to other heavyweight fights he's seen before. It's important that even though Walker gave some heavy punches, they did not hurt me. Roger Bloodworth also went through some emotions. He was rather composed in the corner.  He told me to relax and to box my own way. That was enough for me to turn the fight around. Another won fight will improve my statistics. I showed that if I hit well I can beat boxers with Walkers posture. After the fight he was shaking his head for a long time at the fact that he did not finish his actions from the second round. I would like to thank all of the fans that came out to support me at such an unusual time. I would like to thank all of my fans in Poland and I apologize for the TV mix up but I have no influence over that aspect. The experiment with the time of the fight and the format is in the past. I am thinking about one more fight this year. The potential date of December 22 is not that great. It is only two days before Christmas and preparations for the holidays. Will fans have time to watch the fight during this time? I am interested in what boxing fans have to say about this topic. The next topic is finding an opponent for the fight. Hopefully my promoters will reslve these two conflicts within the next few weeks