I was very careful about releasing any information about the fight. The media speculated about my chances against Solis for about a month. The result of the talks between the promoters is known, Solis' agents didn't receive the full contract in the delegated time frame. Therefore there won't be a fight with the famous Cuban boxer and the results of that fight would have been important for the both of us.

Oh well, I'm sure he has different goals than I do. Instead of him, IBF organized a fight with Steve Cunningham. How am I supposed to respond to this change? Many people are speculating that Steve Cunningham got the fight with me too quickly. I don't really think of it that way since Cunningham was waiting for a revenge fight with me since 2008. He never accepted his loss and wants to prove that he fights better than I do. This will be a big fight since the first one I won I claimed the title World Champion in the IBF Federation. This fight will not be any less interesting than the fight with Solis. Beating Cunningham will prove that I am still number two in the IBF Federation. The fight's title- IBF North American Heavyweight Title IBF Eliminator for #2 Spot

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In 2013 I would really like to earn the right to fight for the HW title and belt in this federation. This is my goal. Now I have a two week break from intense technical training. My trainer will be coming back in a week and then we will begin my long training cycle before the December fight. Until then I train lightly with Tylor Woodman, by jogging or playing tennis. I know Steve Cunningham well and I respect him for being a good athlete and above all, a great father and family man. We often run into each other at galas and always find time for a quick conversation. This should make people very interested in our rematch fight. Will there be a big show? Yes of course there will be. He is fast and strong but also has  his weak points. Our first fight doesn't matter anymore. It's been four years and we've both changed since then. We know almost everything about each other and that should make the fiht very interesting. The fight is starting fresh, just like restarting a computer. I have a feeling that the fans gathered in Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem, PA and fans gathered in front of the TV will get to see a very good fight. In the US the fight will be transmitted by NBC. In Poland I am hoping for Polsat since then it will air in the evening hours. Closer to the fight, we will know the names of other boxers who will also be fighting that day.