I never chose an easy solution and always a sporty road to a goal. Everything points to another big sport calling me. Promoters are working on my next fight. The media is speculating and is telling the world about my future opponent. I as always, am waiting for the word that the contract has been signed by both sides. Then everything will be clear. I am not idly waiting for these news. First was a fishing trip with friends and then a few Polish get togethers. Now I am training for the second week in New Jersey.

 I began training technical elements because as always Roger Bloodworth establishes the training plan before the next fight. December twenty-second is far away but I can't just sit around and watch tv when I have another heavy fight ahead of me. No matter who I will fight, I have to be prepared for a big war. At this level there is no point in relying on luck, you have to go in the ring and prove yourself. I have a good mindset because my health is good right now which is most important. My weight is normal 100-101kg. Soon we will be practicing new elements with the influence of who I am fighting. 

I am receiving many letter and online posts from other countries. I want to thank boxing fans and friends for their contact. I feel a lot of support because of these fans. I also am receiving many thanks for supporting many philanthropic initiatives. I will admit that the amount of human bad luck that comes to me is very big. I received a small trophy from the Make a Wish Foundation which I  support. This made me very happy that  I could help someone in need. I know though that I cannot help everyone. I also constantly have ungranted American dreams. I achieved a lot after living in the U.S. for five years but I am aiming for the belt and title in Heavyweight. 

I intently follow the development of heavyweight in the world. Something moved, I watched a few fights and now there are many new chances to attain my goal. I recently read that Sasza Powietkin sees my as an opponent. I met him before while he was training in New Jersey with  Teddy Atlas.  Boxing fans are waiting for Mariusz Wacha's fight with Wladimir Kliczko and are hoping for a surprise. It's good that he decided to prepare in Dzierzoniowie with Peter Wilczewski. A while ago we trained together and were friends and now everyone is taking their separate paths. We have contact through phone. It's good that Polish boxers are fighting in different rings throughout the world with good results. It is safe to say that there are more and more Polish names in the federation rankings. Hopefully this keeps up.