All of USA lived through hurricane Sandy. The Eastern shore of the US, where my house is located, got hit right with the eye of the storm. New York, New Jersey was heavily hit with water and strong winds which destroyed trees, houses and electrical infrastructure. There was no electricity or gas. My family and I lived through the hard times but thankfully nothing bad happened to us. For a few weeks I started training but the losses from the hurricane have limited my training options.

I could not jog around my neighborhood because there were electrical wires hanging everywherer and there were fragments of homes laying around. I am well prepared for the fight with Cunningham and not even a winter attack could stop me.

As usual we are realizing boxing and strength training with the trainers. I know my opponent well; I know his strong sides and this helps me train better. The training of tactic is slightly less important than endurance. Cunningham did not lose his speed and he is even more motivated to become an eliminator in HW, he will be very dangerous in the ring. I know that after our first fight in 2008 I changed a lot about the way I fight. I am much stronger than Steve and this should be my strong suit. I am not underestimating my opponent and am preparing for a hard and fast fight. I am sure that this fight will be very emotional and interesting to the viewers. There will also be a lot of emotion for Mariusz Wach and Wladimir Kliczko in the upcoming fight in Hamburg on November 10th. Many reporters called asking me about my chances with Mariusz. A lot points that it is not a lost position.

They have similar physical features, a level of training and a similar tactic which are the main components of their fights. Mariusz has a big chance of a close fight with Wladimir but on his terms. He should dictate the fight from the very first seconds of the fight. A strong left and a lot of movement and attacking repeatedly. Mariusz has to give many punches because usually after the first two hits Wladimir backs up and stands in one place. Then there is a chance for more hits because he hits schematically. The press will not let Wladimir do a slow fight. This style of fight from Wladimir usually calls for running away into a clinch. This is a sign that the opponent is not where he thought and Wladimir can't get to him. A calm fight with him gives him a chance to prepare attacks in different disguises. I believe that Mariusz can establish the tempo of the fight. This will tire him and Wladimir. Then he will win who can hit the targert. Mariusz cannot allow himself to not pay attention or to stand still. That's when Wladimir is very dangerous which he showed in the fight with Mormeck. No one has really challenged Mariusz yet when it comes to avoiding his punches. I believe that the time he spent in the USA changed him and allowed him to become good at avoiding hits. If everything goes according to plan then the next step will be to prepare room for four World Title belts. I know that Mariusz's American dream can be realized in a few days. Mariusz get to work in the ring so you can win against Dr. Steel Fist. If you don't win then I will prepare for a fight with Wladimir in 2013 to meet up with the HW champion again. Good luck and I believe in you and all of team Wach.