I had my fourth fight of the year. The fight with Cunningham in Bethlehem went down in history. I won, but not my or my fans satisfaction. My fans were not happy. The reporters mainly showed a negative side of the fight. I read the articles where there was negativity but also a lot of praise based on my performance. The judges verdict was like a huge snowball, which rolled from the U.S. to Poland and got more comments on the internet.

 There was an occasion to stick it to Adamek. And it doesn't matter here that that was my 50th fight in the ring. I won 48 and lost only 2. Only a few reporters wrote something about the fight that was worth reading. I think thought that there was reason for criticism. After the fight there were many questions which I have to answer soon for myself and for my fans. How am I not supposed to answer these questions: Where is the Adamek from the fight with Briggs, Arreola or Banks? Which version of Adamek will be in the ring in 2013? If fight like I fought that night can I count on winning again?

First a few things about the fight. At the press conference I give Steve the responsibility of the level of the fighting. I didn't like that he was running away from a fight and avoiding me in the ring. Everyone has a right to use his own tactic. Steve was avoiding open confrontation because he was scared of what happened in 2008. Unfortunately we didn't give a good show because of it.

I didn't give as many punches because I couldn't get to Steve. He was a moving target. Even when I had him in the corner I could not lock in a few good punches. I didn't repeat myself I waited for a better chance. I tried to fight carefully and to save my energy for the following rounds. I realized my own tactic i.e. speeding things up at the end of each round.  I got Steve a few times towards the end of each round but the gong didn't allow me to get more hits in. Steve also got me in a few situations when I was looking for a KO. Most of his hits are soft and don't do much to the opponent. It could be seen after the fight that my face was untouched. On the other hand his face showed the effects of my hits. Many of his hits I blocked with my gloves. I had a strange feeling after the fight that I was not yet that tired and still could go a few rounds.  At the press conference someone reminded me that this is my fourth fight and to slow down, no one in the HW fights that much.

Knowing how time has flown and my age I want to find myself at the top of the rankings quickly.  I did it,  I won four fights this year but that could be the reason that I am feeling tired. Who fought 50 times in the ring and accomplished as much as I ? There is a virtual club of fighters who fought 50 times in the professional ring. Who in that club is still an active boxer? That's for the statisticians. Or maybe it doesn't count? I am writing this in response to those who reacted angrily to my last fight. I don't want to be put down for what I achieved in boxing as  a Polish representative. I am hoping for people to focus on what I have achieved in boxing. Every won fight brings me closer to my goal . Even when it is far from the level that I am used to fighting at and which my fans are used to.

I will mention an article based off of the words of Harold Lederman:
"There is a controversy from the fight verdict between Tomasz Adamek and Steve Cunningham. Adamek won but it was not by unanimous decision, since the judges and the fans saw a bigger presence in the ring from the American. Some spoke about a scandal which could not have been serious because the fight was almost even and some rounds were difficult to judge. Even some specialists saw Cunningham winning. The most famous judge chose Adamek as the winner."
Lederman has been a point judge for years for the most important fights and then became an analyst on HBO. All important fights on HBO are analyzed by the help of Lederman, not officially but only for the fans. He is very respected and his opinion is almost always saught after in the community. When asked about the Adamek and Cunningham fight he saw the fight as 115:113, in favor of Adamek in other words 7-5 in rounds.
-I had 115:113 for Adamek. Cunningham brought it on himself because he fought with his right hand and he kept running away. He never showed a combination with two punches from the right hand. He got a few good strong hits but then he would retreat to his old tactic and I did not see him getting a win that way. He did not even try to hurt his opponent and Adamek kept trying to get closer to him- analyzed Lederman.
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From the beginning the fight with Cunningham was labeled by the media as easy, a fight finished only by KO. Since I won but not by a unanimous vote and not by an expected KO I gave less hits than expected so what could the opinions be? The judges chose the winner and Steve, as always, is feeling hurt. I brought the belt and the title IBF North American title to the ring with me. For Steve to win them, he had to do more in the ring than I. It is an unspoken rule in the ring that the contender to the belt should know how to do more in the ring than the current belt holder.  He has to have a will to fight and show efective boxing.  Steve fought well but showed everyone effective dancing in the ring. I have to catch up to him in that element. Steve accustomed boxing fans to criticize judges in Poland, Germany or the U.S. That's a standard from him. On this night he did not hit me hard enough for me to hit the floor and he did not do anything special in the ring to take the less meaning belt from me.  Today it is also hard to tell how much of an impact Judge Michael Buffer had by announcing the score cards incorrectly. At first he announced a tie and then announced my win. In this situation suspicions start to arise and people start to look at my win differently. There were allegations of cheating and that the judges were not up to par. The judges came from three different cities in the U.S. to which no one had any objections. After the fight Michael Buffer came to the locker room and apologized for the mixup that his announcement caused. I think that since this wasn't the fight of my life I deserve to win. I always adjust to the fighting style of my opponent and this time I will admit that fighting Cunningham at this pace I couldn't get to him. I eagerly utilize my technique and thanks to it I have won numerous fights. This time Steve showed to be a master at avoiding a fight. Utilizing such a tactic does not guarantee a won fight. Something has got to give. This time this great tactic for the great big and slow Adamek was not effective. In the eyes of the judges it was more important for me to tell the media about the heavy hits and accented ends of rounds. I hope that Steve will show again in the heavyweight how to win with great fighters.  He's an experienced fighter and every next fight will predict the future. I hope that in 2013 he admits that he could do a lot better in this weight category. As for me with the advice of my trainer and my promoters I will curb the amount of fights that I will have in 2013. I know that offers with attractive fighters is only a matter of time. I am thankful for NBC for showing my fights in the U.S. and continuing to want to air my fights. I Poland Orange Sport is beating viewer records which is the only network to air the fight in Poland. Thanks to everyone that has written to me. I am accepting all constructive criticism and I promise for more emotional fights on my way to the belt. I know that after this fight I lost many of my fans who say it is the end of Adamek the warrior. Nothing like this again and I promise I will try for a few more good matches and later I will clear the way for  younger boxers from Poland. I hope they live up to what I have achieved and prove to be even better than me. Thank you everyone for sending me New Years and Christmas wishes.