I finished my training yesterday and now it's time for my body to recover. I am ready for another fight with Steve Cunningham. This fight has a few meaning s to me and to Steve. He will be fighting with a Polish fighter for the fourth time.He fought with Krzysztof Wlodarczyk twice. He lost the first fight and then he got his IBF federation belt.  Now for the second time he will fight with me. I know that he remembers our past three fights very well.  He has things to settle with me since i won in 12/11/2008 and I took the world IBF federation title.

After the emotional fight I became a recognized fighter in the USA. I received other recognition after that win. I met Steve in Poland in May of 2007 and he is a very nice person. I had a chance to train with him in 2007 before my fight in Katowice. I never would have thought that I was going to see him in the ring thst soon. During my four year stay in USA I met with him multiple times. On December 22nd we will go into the ring as different men. We are fighting in the heavyweight category, which is faught differently. I became physicaly stronger and I adjusted my fighting style to the fight. I have more experience in this way of fighting than he does. What matters to me is that I don't have to win this fight but I want to win it..

Steve must win if he wants to remain longer in this category. He knows this and he wants to use this chance. The last time I saw him was during a photo shoot for NBC Sport in Philadelphia. There were symptoms of pre-fight tension.

I have two weeks to get my strength back after the hard sparring with Tor Hamer who will be fighting in the same gala. The fight is very soon, after that it's time for Christmas and the New Year. There will be time for Christmas wishes. I would like to thank everyone right now for everyone wishing me a happy burthday.
And a huge congratulations to Mateusz Masternak and his whole team for winning the European Title. He is growing to be the next world champion, bravo and keep it up!