Alas winter has reached the East coast of U.S.A. After hurricanes and floods mother nature is showing another strong side in New Jersey. We are not giving up and we are fighting with the heavy snowfall. The most digging we had to do was to get to our parking spot behind our house. Instead of going to the gym I'm burning calories by digging up all the snow around my house. In this cold I could use a nice warm coat from Poland.

I am receiving many letters about helping out charities. Now that I have some free time I can answer some of these letters. I am sending autographed gloves, clothing from our sponsors and many other items. I strongly encourage everyone to take part in these auctions since it's a great time to acquire memorabilia while helping sick children. There will be an auction on February 23 in Lubomierz where they will be selling off my gloves and other clothing items sent from me from the U.S. All proceeds go to Grzegorz Jaskiewicz who is handicapped. Details can be found on this page-