January went by quickly but not without hearing about it in the media. I went to Lake Placid as always, to ski and to rest from boxing. The slopes are 7.5 km long and I got to go down the slope 20 times in one day. That many kilometers on my legs serves as an excellent strengthening workout. But this doesn't count after the fight. What was important was seeing, reading and hearing what the media had to say. It was an absolute media chaos. Drunk Adamek totals his car and is going to jail for a year. From a small sliding accident in a cold and icy city they blew up to some huge collision.

It could not have been any different, the media always looks for the next sensation. All it takes is one story and then the snowball effect begins. The information gets misconstrued and becomes news. This is what happened here too. And now for the facts. Because the roads were slippery and icy, my car slid and hit its side into two parked cars. No one got hurt from the accident. This accident had no third person in it which is very important when talking about the accident. This also had a lot of influence when I had to explain what happened to the police. On February 14th I will find out what kind of sanction I will receive for the accident. I sometimes almost had no say as to what happened in the accident. This wasn't my only main worry at the time. On January 26th I was a director at the Polish Sport Soccer Club Ball "Golden Eleven of 2012" in a club in Garfield.  On that day there were people from the Polish community that play soccer and the night was devoted to giving out awards and recognition. The Polish Representation coach Waldemar Fornalik came with his wife. This was a very important visit for the Polish soccer community. link:



I often go to the club in Garfield and play soccer. After boxing and skiing, soccer is another one of my favorite sports. I lost two kilograms by playing. My trainer told me to be active in other sports as well. In the last couple of days I also visited a spa where I was going through a biological renewal. I never had time for this and I spent many years int the ring. This is all because I want to refresh myself and am developing a natural hunger for boxing. Because my last fights were a little too close to one another they didn't allow me to regenerate my strength. This time it will be different. I will give to signal as to when my body will be ready for another fight. So far I have avoided serious injuries in the ring which is rarely said in heavy weight. We always hear about boxers who talk about their injuries. Every other minute we hear about a boxer being injured. One moment I want to go to the ring and the next my trainer is telling me otherwise. So it is difficult to say right now when and with who I will be fighting. I want to promise my fans though that probably in May I will have my next fight. Until then the promoters have off and I will be busy with other sports. The gossip about my upcoming fights does not distract me from my new activities. I will return to the ring stronger and more motivated and I needed this vacation for a long time.