There is only one month left before Tomasz Adamek’s (45-2, 28 KOs) fight with „Fast” Eddie Chambers (36-2, 18 KOs). The two will face off on Saturday night, June 16th at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Adamek’s trainer Roger Bloodworth told us about the preparations.


“Tomasz has been sparring for two weeks. One of his sparring partners is Derric Rossy. Derric is a very good fighter who can really help Adamek, because the two met in the ring in 2011. Derric knows Chambers’ disadvantages and advantages.” Bloodworth said.

Bloodworth added that initially, Tomasz wanted to train with his last opponent, Nagy Aguilera. However, Aguilera was injured during their fight and he will not be able to enter the ring for at least five months. 

“Another sparring partner is Tor Hamer. Adamek trains three times a week, then in the evening, he trains with physical conditioner Tyler Woodman. Three times a week, Adamek has a boxing training with me and in the evenings – he runs with me.”

Bloodworth added that every training for Adamek is another challenge and each training is something new.

“I have had many fighters, but Adamek is special, because he combines all the necessary elements which create a professional boxer. He is determined to become a heavyweight champion.”

When we asked Bloodworth if Adamek beats Chambers, he answered: “Certainly, he will not lose.”

Tickets are available at $254, $104, $79 and $59, phone number: 908-925-5540.