JERSEY CITY - Today Tomasz Adamek (44-2, 28 KO's),discussed his upcoming heavyweight bout with Nagy Aguilera (17-6, 12 KO's),and answered media questions. HIs fight is part of the exciting March 24th NBC Sports Network Fight Night show featuring Zab Judah vs. Vernon Paris, airing live 10PM on NBC Sports Network from the Aviator Sports and Events Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Kathy Duva, CEO Main Events

"Everybody knows we have a great, loaded card on March 24th. The fight will be on NBC Sports Network. We have a great, little venue in the Aviator, I wish we could have had a bigger venue but the availability of arenas dictated that this was our location. It's going to make for a great night I think everyone is going to be excited and thrilled to be there. We have so many good fights on the card. And we're blessed to also have in addition to the main event which will feature Zab Judah vs. Vernon Paris, and a co-feature with Sergei Liakhovich and Bryant Jennings; we are also able to provide this wonderful extra bout which normally would be a main event anywhere else, Tomasz Adamek who is going to be fighting Nagy Aguilera."

How were your expectations for the Klitschko fight and the reality of the fight different?

Tomasz Adamek: "Boxing is my life, sometimes you win, sometimes lose. Last time I lose. I am 35 years old but I'm still hungry fighter. I want to come back and show everyone that I can win this fight (Aguilera) and couple next (fights) and get again future title fights. Vitali is a different fighter than Nagy Aguilera. Nagy is my size. But every fight you learn something. I am quick now and I think I will be on March 24, but in Poland I was very slow, I was not true Tomasz Adamek."

Was there a conscious effort in training for this fight to get Tomasz up to 225-230, to build more muscle because you believe he needed to be bigger ?

Roger Bloodworth: "We didn't make an effort. What we did when he was at my house was we trained in the morning and we trained in the evening. The evening practice was gloves, mitts.Tomasz was fighting so often leading up to the Klitschko fight that I don't think that his body ever had the time to fill out. That was Tomasz's problem. I think this time he's going to be all right, cause he looks bigger to me and to me he looks quicker. His style has changed a bit. And I think it was a good thing for him, the rest let his body heal up, the weight came and came as muscle instead of fat. I'm happy with that."

What does it mean for NBC Sports Network to have Tomasz Adamek on this and the June broadcast?

Kathy Duva: They are very happy with the entire card and are working very hard to promote it. When we let them know that he was going to be available to fight that night (March 24), at that time they didn't really have time for three fights, they agreed to extend the time for that window so that his (Adamek's ) fight could be televised. We were very happy about that. They are also happy about being able to come to Newark in June and see him at Prudential Center which we anticipate will be full of people like it always is."

What do you see in Nagy that will benefit Tomasz?

Roger Bloodworth: "Nagy's got fast hands so Tomasz is going to have to be alert. Nagy can box when he wants to and he can punch a little when he wants to, and I think Nagy will bring both. I don't think it'd be good for Tomasz to be put in the ring with somebody that's just going to stand in one spot and let him get hit. Nagy won't do that."

Tomasz will you have your big, loyal fan base in Brooklyn and if not how will it affect you?

Tomasz Adamek: "I have a lot of friends and fans in the United States and I'm sure they're coming to watch my fight."

"I am happy I can come back to the ring. When I go into the ring I want to win fight. I don't know how, only that I am healthy and ready to fight. I am training with Roger very hard. I train mini camps in his home and we are here 6 weeks in NJ. I'm ready to fight."

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Fight Info:
Tickets to the blockbuster triple-header, priced at $200, $100 and $75 and may be purchased by calling Main Events (973) 200-7050, Peltz Boxing (215) 765-0922, or online through The non-televised undercard fights will begin at 7:30 p.m., the NBC Sports Network Fight Night broadcast will begin at 10 p.m. ET on Mar 24th.
The Aviator Sports and Events Center offers free parking. You can also take public transportation via the Q35 MTA bus from the Flatbush Avenue/Brooklyn College subway station.
Saturday March 24,10pm - Aviator Sports and Events Center, Brooklyn, NY
Friday, June 1, 9-11 pm - Sands Casino Resort, Bethlehem, PA

Saturday, June 16, 9-11 pm - Site TBA

Saturday, December 8, 9-11 pm - Site TBA

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