Tomasz Adamek, who last fought the previous year against Witlij Kliczko, is now preparing for his next fight. The Polish boxer trains under the eye of Roger Bloodworth and Tyler Woodman eith whom he has strength training. Adamek trains five times a week and twice a day. In a few days he will have spars.


- I am sparring with Bobby Gunn, who I beat in 2009. I am very satisfied with my sparring partner because he gives everything he has, he treats the spars as real fights. -Tomasz Adamek.

Adamek's fight will happen on Saturday, March 24th in Aviator Sports complex in Brooklyn, NY. 

- We will know my opponent's name soon, it will probably be Nagy Aguilera or Donnell Holmes. -said Adamek and he also added that he is in very good shape. 

 - I am hungry for boxing and I miss my fans. I cannot wait for this fight. -Said Tomasz.

The fight will be shown in the U.S. on NBC Sports Network in "Fight Night", in Poland, Polsat will be airing the fight. The fight if the night of the gala in Brooklyn will be Zaba Judah (41-7, 28 KOs), and Vernom Paris (26-0, 15 KOs).