At the turn of November and December, Tomasz Adamek will appear in every polish television,  advertising new energy drink Vegas.

“The advertisement was shot in three days in Trojmiasto, Poland, by professional film studio from Sopot, which consisted of 50 people. During the first day, we filmed in Gdansk, the next day we moved to  City Tower, Gdynia. At the end, we went to Studio 2.” said Adamek.


The whole process of filming took many hours, but Adamek proved to be a very patient and professional person. He had no problems with making consecutive doubles and he had a great time during filming.

The director stated that the camera likes Adamek and that he fits in like a good actor.

“Being an actor is a good thing, it comes with a great ease, but at the moment I’m not thinking about giving up boxing for acting, because in boxing, I still didn’t say my last word.”