By: Chris Olech

 The stadium inWroclawwas packed with adoring Tomasz Adamek fans that chanted and sang as their gladiator entered the ring. Both fighters looked in great physical form but the outstanding height differential was made evident from the very beginning.


 Vitali Klitschko was very aggressive from the start, throwing hard jabs to keep the Pole at bay while bombarding massive right hands whenever Tomasz tried to get in close for his troubles.

 Adamek was working the body as much as he could in an effort to slow the Ukrainian down and was going to look for the knock out later in the fight, but it never materialized.

Klitschko had the better game plan unfortunately for all the adoring polish fans as he kept pressure and used his outstanding reach advantage.

Adamek never let off the gas though, in the fourth he took the fight to Klitschko as he punished his body and served many shots to the head.

 Klitschko had Adamek rocked, even had the referee stand in for a standing count but just as advertised, the heart of a lion was displayed by Tomasz. Courage, bravery and the unstoppable will can sum up Tomasz’s performance as he mirrored something from the rocky movies.

 Klitschko cut the ring off, used his jab, stayed away from Adameks power and implemented a perfect strategy to have the referee stop the fight. Tomasz took a lot of punishment but stayed strong to the end as his loyal fans chanted his name, he fought for honor, pride and his country and did not win the belt this time but won the hearts of millions around the world.