By:Chris Olech

With only days left to the awaited heavyweight boxing clash, this fight has all the ingredients of an epic battle that will thrill fans around the world. Tomasz Adamek will be in his homeland of Poland chasing the coveted championship belt as he squares off against the tough Vitali Klitschko. “The whole country believes in me,” Adamek shared. “It’s very important to me! I know they say  I am not the favorite, but in Poland I will have millions cheering for me.”


Tomasz will come out with two flags to his adoring fans, the Polish flag and his new home, the American flag. He has a sea of supporters that he will carry on his shoulders to face the current champion and Goliath of a man. Klitschko is over 6’7 and brandishes an 80″ reach while weighing around 250 pounds. Adamek was the cruiserweight champion and stands at 6’1 with a 75″ reach and weighs around 220 pounds. This is the most accurate perception of the works of a great story of an underdog movie reminiscent of the rocky saga if Tomasz can rip the belt from the champions clutches.

Klitschko did credit Tomasz “After my brother Wladimir and me, Adamek is the third best heavyweight in the world. He is definitely better than David Haye which is just a world champion in talking.”

Tomasz has been fighting larger opponents as of late to prepare for this opportunity in Michael Grant who is 6’7 and Kevin McBride who stands at 6’6. The home turf advantage and the heart of a lion are attributes that will help Tomasz do what seems impossible, topple the giant. “I have a stronger mind then Klitschko does.”

Tomasz Adamek was asked about his game plan at a recent press conference a few hours before his flight to Poland, “I won’t disclose my game plan for my upcoming fight but I would have to say that I’m much quicker than Klitscko and I have a stronger mind then he does. I have a lot of respect for Vitali but I think that I’m not the most comfortable opponent for him at this time.”

Roger Bloodworth who is Tomasz Adameks trainer said “we won’t be talking about strategy, but I can assure you we are well prepared for all of the situations that may come up! It all depends on what Klitschko will bring to the table. We will know his plans within the first two rounds. We are prepared for everything and we are confident of the victory.”

Only time will tell if this will play out as a perfect Hollywood story with Tomasz the underdog claiming the heavyweight crown, one thing is for sure, the Polish and American fans will be cheering for their underdog to climb the peak of the mountain come Saturday September 10th in Wroclaw Poland.

The fight will be aired in 120 countries on pay per view and HBO, call to your local television provider for details.