By Chris Olech

Photos By Greg Bartnik

With the recent win over Haye, seemingly the Klitschko brothers are unstoppable in their reign of the heavyweight division. But there is one lone hero left who bleeds his country colors of white and red, the former Cruiserweight champion Tomasz Adamek. Revered by many as the one to take the heat off the Klitschko brothers momentum, he will have that exact opportunity to rewrite history on September 10th in Wroclaw Poland.

Tomasz brings a granite chin and the fastest hands in the division. But his biggest strength undoubtedly is one that no coach can teach, heart. Vitali Klitschko has his hands full in this match up, as he is not getting any younger in his reign and Tomasz is a hungry contender out to engrave his name deeper into the boxing history books.

Tomasz Adamek had the perfect warm up fight recently against the tough Irishman Kevin McBride who mirrored a tall fighter with long reach and power. Tomasz showcased his furious speed and worked his angles to perfection as he weaved through

the power punches of his opponent who would retire after the bout. His strategy of working the body first then continuously targeting the head in the later rounds worked well. But Vitali will be faster and will employ his own strategy to slow down Tomasz. So what does Tomasz have to do to stop the unstoppable?

He will have to utilize his speed and keep the champ guessing. He will need to take the champs cardio out of the equation but more importantly, his will in order to have his hand raised. By employing a similar strategy as his last fight of attacking the body to stifle the champs cardio and slow him down. Then he will have to eat some shots by staying in the pocket while attacking the chin and still utilizing the body shots. He will need to start the pace and enforce it right from the start to keep Vitali out of rythym and cut angles quickly to post his stance only long enough to unleash 3-4 long combo’s and then get out of range. Stick and move to frustrate Vitali and get into his head to psychology impair him will go a long way while always looking for the punch that can end the night to the chin or temple.

Home turf advantage will play factor to the bout as Tomasz will have thousands of adoring Polish fans cheering him on. The fact that the fight takes place in Tomasz’s homeland will bring comfort and a sense of empowerment that has been psychologically proven to boost moral and adrenaline during a fight, when most needed.

The equation seems to line up for Tomasz to possibly be the one to topple the giant, something he has become very accustomed to throughout his career. One thing that is for sure come September 10th 2011 in Poland, the heavyweight division will get the boost of excitement and hard hitting action that it desperately needs, and Tomasz and Vitali will deliver.