April 09th showcased a spectacle in the sweet science of boxing at the Prudential Centre in Newark, New Jersey as polish fans aligned the stadium in a vast sea of red and white in the capacious stadium. Two Poles where on the card ready to please their devoted fans who drove from all over the U.S. and even Canada to cheer for their heroes.

Andrzej Fonfara battled against the game Ray Smith and showcased his boxing prowess as he quickly out boxed Smith early in the fight. He used his range very effectively and pressed the fight to an early KO in the fourth round. Even though Andrzej was the favour going into the fight, he surely did not disappoint all the screaming fans!

In the fourth round Andrzej stunned Ray with a devastating right hand. It did not take long for Andrzej to stalk Ray like his prey, where he unleashed a flurry of barrages that sent the American to the canvas unable to continue.

The main event displayed Tomasz Adamek against the much larger Kevin McBride in what seemed like the perfect tune up for Adamek’s future bout with Vitali Klitschko. Even though Adamek gave up 70 lbs and nearly five inches to his opponent, he did what he does best while utilizing his speed and a sound game plan. “Speed is power,” Tomasz proclaimed at the press conference.


Tomasz used his speed while attacking various head, body combinations early on in an effort to slow McBride down. Kevin was a game opponent, as he came in shape and brought the heart of the Irish with him to the ring. But Tomasz refused to stay in the pocket long enough to get hit as he unleashed graceful and crisp combinations while he moved from the thunderous sledge hammers that McBride was throwing. “I checked,” chuckled Roger Bloodworth (Adamek’s trainer) “It does not state anywhere in the rule book that you have to give him a turn!” Roger was referencing the fact that they would not go blow for blow with the behemoth McBride.

Kevin just kept on coming throughout the bout but by the last two rounds, with the crowd cheering Adameks name, Tomasz put on a show displaying great techniques manifesting into legendary boxing . He was just as fast as in the first rounds and started throwing 4-6  long combinations while he stuck and moved punishing McBride in the process.

Both fighters where very respectful of each other after the fight, Tomasz proclaimed “ he was tough, he prepared very well!” As Kevin also recollected “Tomasz Adamek proved to me that he’s a warrior.”

With Adamek’s hand raised in the air, the stadium seats where literally shaking from the volume of noise the crowd discharged as they chanted “Dziekujemy,” translated meaning “We thank you.” Truly, a clear indication that the crowd got more than they summoned for from their two champions in Andrzej Fonfara and Tomasz Adamek.

Written by: Chris Olech

Photos by: Greg Bartnik