Tomasz Adamek and Wladamir Klitschko finishes negotiations and signs the contract. The two heavyweights  superstars are set to clash around September in Poland.

 We have just signed a contract to fight Wladimir Klitschko. We are fighting in September in Poland, the exact date will establish television stations: HBO and the German station. - Said Tomasz Adamek before 8:00 pm (New York time.)


 - I'm very happy, but I will be more happy when I beat Klitschko. Long negotiations have ended. No more repatriation of the contract and analyze it page by page. I admit that even for a moment doubted that it may fail to finalize the contract. I knew that the case is in good hands, I want to thank everyone who helped me and believed in me - added Polish boxer.

 Soon will be given the name of the opponent whom Adamek will be facing sometime in April. Adamek stressed that this will be the fighter with whom the struggle is to prepare him for the fight against Klitschko.