The Christmas tree is up and smells of holidays foods and cake are coming from the kitchen. Christmas Eve we spent with family and Christmas day was spent among friends. Later a family trip to Lake Placid to ski and for the New Year. We will welcome the New Year in American mountains instead of Poland. After that we will return to Kearn and prepare for my trip to St. Louis.  I made plans with Roger Bloodworth for January 5th. That's how our closest plans are looking. What will happen with me after that is a big question mark. On December 18th I was with Ziggy Rozalski in New York and we received little statues. Ziggy was recognized as the best promoter in New York and I for professional boxing in New York.  

Other people in the gala were known boxers, managers and promoters. There was time to talk about the past and the imminent future. The most interesting conversations were with known promoters and managers, during these conversations there were propositions of working together to organize fights. I hope that the first fight I will have will be in March at a gala in New York. It is important that I become know in USA and my fight can give fans a good show. This meeting gave me much satisfaction and introduced us to many important people.

One thing is for sure in 2012, I want to prove in the ring that although time has passed I am ready to compete for the HW belt. I believe that the next time everything will go according my thoughts. We will achieve this by training hard and also by hard work of the whole team. After my loss with Kliczko I verified many things and will make sure not to make the same mistakes again. I weigh about 102kg which indicated that I have put on some muscle and that matters in this weight class. 

  I have recently received many letters for my birthday and for Christmas. I want to thank everyone very much from Poland and from all over the world for the kind words. My contact with Poland is phone calls, skype and watching the news on the internet. I was very sad to hear about Jerzy Kulej's health. He has always wished him well and I wish that he gets well very quickly. Box in Poland without him would be very different. I believe that he will still continue to commentate my fights. I want to thank the media for following my career and for showing my fights. Reports with who I almost have daily contact with know how difficult it is to reach a high level in this sport. I thank all the reporters for writing about my fights so vividly and also for reaching those fans that can't take part in my fights directly during the galas. I thank my fans for all the posts on my web page and on other forums on the internet. I know that amongst biased posts from boxing experts there are posts from fans to whom no rules apply. They don't like boxers from Poland for that reason but not enough to stop what they are doing. I want to wish all people from Poland well and especially those from my home, Gilowice. I wish everyone a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and for everything to be better than it was, in the new year.