I have a few weeks of hard training behind me so it's time to slow down. This week we will do lighter training and then it's total relaxation before the fight. I have heard many opinions and comments about my chances against Eddie Chambers. I always remain calm and concentrated because I know I prepared well. I still believe that my disposition on the day of the fight will be good. Training allowed me to replace some fat with muscle.

My weight remains at 225 lbs which shows my weight stability. I have gained a few new elements which will help me in fighting Chambers. I am not going to say who is faster because that is what our fight is for. The one that will use his style of fighting and that will know how to think constructively will win. In a fight like this one I have to give my all. We are both similar to each other physically and in our fighting styles. I apologize, after the first conference it was shown that I am taller and heavier than Eddie. I thought it was going to be the other way around. It shows that he takes boxing seriously and that he believes in his chances. I am sure that boxing fans will get a good show from us and will not be disappointed. I know that there will be many of my fans cheering me on at the fight. As always I will enter to the Funky Polak song "Pamietaj". Beside this fight we have seven more exciting fights planned. Polsat will be playing the fight in Poland. NBC Sports Network will be showing it in the U.S. this assures an audience of millions.  link:


Tomek Admek polski bokser

June is a lucky month for me. I remember July 9th, 2007 I fought Luis Pineda for the vacant International Boxing Organization Cruiserweight  title. This was an important fight because it was the first one for me in a higher weight class. I won the fight, got another belt and stopped thinking about dropping weight. This year on July 16th is the day of my fight. Only hours before me will the Polish soccer team play against the Germans. I wish them the best of luck and I hope they win which will put me in an even better mood before my fight. I hope to feel the EURO 2012 atmosphere because a few days after the fight we will be taking a vacation in Poland. My daughters haven't been in Poland for a while and it's time to catch up with old Polish friends. Goodbye for now and I'll see everyone at the gala and later in Poland.