On Monday I will be training in New Jersey. The first plan was technique with Roger Bloodworth. On Wednesday I also started strength training with Tylor Woodman. We started right out of the gate but August 8th is not that far away. It is important to me that after living in the U.S. for 4 years I have adapted to the time here. It takes longer for me to adapt when I fly to Poland, only after 2-3 weeks I am used to the time change. The only sure thing about the fight in August is that it is in the Prudential Center in Newark.

I as well as my fans cannot wait until we find out the name of my opponent. While I was in Poland I was informed by the media that a fight with Toney awaits me. This is not for sure though and right after that a new issue came up, organizing the tournament by the IBF Federation with my cooperation. Aleksander Ustinow was to be my opponent. I learned this but I am still waiting on the final decision from the promoters. I am not excluding anything because I know I could go into the ring and there could be a completely different opponent waiting for me. When I sign the contract the promoters will release the information to the media. Tomorrow, July 20th in Warsaw is the funeral of the Master Jerzy Kuleja. He was a witness and a commentator through most of my fights. He often gave me advice and told me how to fight better. He was very kind and warm. He was very involved in his community as well as being an athlete and a commentator for boxing fights. He was a good person to me and an excellent example of Polish boxing. Today I remember him for the good person that he was and I remember him by the business card that he once gave me. I'm sad that I cannot  be at his funeral but I will be visiting his grave when I am in Poland.


Rest in Peace, Jerzy.


Tomek Admek polski bokser