The American holiday, Thanksgiving gave me an excuse for a quick break from all my training. To have a turkey on the table is American tradition for over 80 years. I sat at the table with my wife and daughters. This reminded me that we are getting closer and closer to Christmas.


 Before the holidays a big battle with Steve Cunningham awaits me in the ring. This time Tor Hamer who was this years Prizefighter Heavyweight Tournament winner will be sparring with me as well as PAtrick Farrel, Adam Kownacki and Sisi Solis.  Adam Kownacki is training and slowly getting back into shape. So far everything is going according to plan, my sparring partners are challenging me to become better. Each one of them contributes different assets but the quickness of the fight is the most important to me. Tor Hamer does everything in the ring that assures that I will not be bored. His fast hits, balance and strength are supposed to imitate Cunningham's style. I am expecting this because I know that Steve Cunningham will want to establish a fast tempo. He had two battles with Diablo Wlodarczyk and now it's time for a second one with me. Fights with Polish men are always a big calling to him.  

A sneak peek at the program on December 22.

In the US the fight will be on NBC Sports Networl and in Poland, Polsat. In Poland the fight will be shown in the later evening which I'm sure will be well received by the viewers in Poland. I am counting on a win and the for a holiday break. Next year I am planning for a fight for the belt.  There were many interesting fights this past term. For example Jonathan Bankas' win against Seth Mitchell. After this win Banks and his team wanted a rematch with me. The one lost fight in his career which was with me still hurts him. I must admit though that he beat him pretty easily and has furthered his hopes in HW. In Europe, Pulev and Helenius are fighting for the HW title. Mariusz Wach will also be looking for another chance at the title after his loss against Wladimir Kliczko. The Kliczko brothers still dominate but maybe 2013 will bring someone that will beat them. Time will tell, sometimes there are big surprises in boxing.