I promised a longer break from boxing and I kept my word. I did not say though that I will not be continuing my blog. Fans are waiting for news from and I have been silent. It’s time for a few words of explanation. After the fight with Cunningham I was going to have a longer break in order to get away from the fast world of boxing. The break was to heal my body after getting beat up for so long. I accomplished that goal and I  have been training again with Roger Bloodworth for a month now. Tomorrow we are beginning strength training. The media has been introducing many of my new opponents. Alsmore fight dates have been discussed.

I even said multiple times that I will discuss personal stuff when there is a contract in front of me on the table signed by both sides. Unfortunately we’ve had many negotiations with promoters but no such luck. There are many factors and reasons as to why. Mateusz Borek from Polsat explains it well in his report- : http://www.bokser.org/content/2013/05/20/154436/index.jsp

I agree with what Borek has to say. It’s true that I don’t have to prove myself to anyone.  I earned world titles in two weight categories and I made a goal to earn a title in the third weight category as well. This reminds me of climbing a mountain where each conquered peak provides another unattained goal. Each new goal is another big calling for the climber. I think that it will be very difficult to attain this goal. This is why I had a short break from boxing. I am charging up for next year because for this year, factors not dependent on me caused me to change my short term plans. This isn’t about a weaker fight with Cunningham or resigning to fight with Pule. My new strategy is going to be effective. It is time to put past me all the wasted fights over nothing. Now I will plan better and more strategically so that I can win the title in the heavyweight division. I don’t analyze the situation too much in the heavyweight division. The Kliczko brothers are beyond the reach of many boxers in the world. Every so often a hopeful shows up to beat them but never succeeds. I am having problems with finding an opponent to fight with me because the list of class fighters that want to fight on American television is very short.  Without television you can’t do a good gala and I only want to fight in good galas. How much am I worth today no one really knows. Only my next fight will show my condition and what I have to fight with. Today everything shows that I will be in the ring in August but an opponent is not yet contracted. I am planning another fight towards the end of the year and this is where things get more advanced. I am living far from Poland but I keep in contact with everyone from Poland. Today I read that 8 years ago I became a professional boxer.  My fight with Paul Briggs will forever be remembered by boxing fans. I would like to thank BoxerOrg for reminding me about this important fact in my career.


I had a broken nose and faugh against a very strong opponent. I won and got the world title which Polish fans were waiting for. Today I am healthy and eager for more fights. I didn’t burn myself out even though switching the style of fighting needs new training for speed and legs. I know that the dance is different in the heavyweight division. My gained experiences have to back me up in the ring in the future.