The contract has been signed- Tony Grano will be my opponent at the boxing gala August 3rd, 2013 at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT.

The gala can be watched in the US on NBC Sports Network Fight Night. There will be many known boxers fighting that night which will surely please the audience. In Poland the fight can be viewed on Polsat Sport. How will Chambers and Stevens fight? How will I represent myself after such a long absence?




I read that Brian Minto warned me to not underestimate Tony Grano. He is famous for having strong hands and being young and hungry for success. In the ring, one punch can decide the winner and loser of a fight. Who will it be this time? Let's wait until the day of the fight. Tony said that beating Adamek is one of his biggest goals. The fight will not be easy. Behind Tony Grano is his promoter, Don King. How many times have our paths crossed already? This is why the contract negotiations took so long to reach a compromise for both sides. I was training in New Jersey while waiting for the good news from negotiations. During the second month of training Roger Bloodworth focused on my weaknesses. We have altered the training sessions accordingly.


The key to success for me is always leg work. In my last fight with Cunningham my leg work was not the best. This time, I focused on my speed and certain muscles in my legs. Technique is never forgotten but it is always good to set up a fight plan against a known fighter. 

The plan so far is that we know what mistakes Tony Grano makes and we know his strengths. This will not be an easy fight because he has fought and surprised everyone against favorites. Don King also does not represent beginners, he finds talent and trains them to become world champions. Tony Grano will have boxing fans behind him and he will be fighting on home turf. I will do everything I can to ruin their mood and beat their favorite. Reporters say that this fight will actually show if I am ready to fight or not. This is true, there comes a time when it is time to answer questions that the fans and I may have about myself. I believe that I will win against Tony and in the fall I will be back in the ring again. I respect my health and have a change of plans for 2014. I hope that in 2014 I will end my career in professional boxing. The years are flying by and I don't plan on chasing the punching bag  into my retirement. Two losses and world titles in two weight categories do not bring disparagement.  I want to be remembered by boxing fans through the fights that I won and which brought them joy. Because of the time difference, the fight will air early in the morning on Sunday (the 4th). After the fight I planned a flight to Poland and a vacation with my family.