I have finished a long training period after being away from the ring for a few months. I feel refreshed and ready to be back in the ring again. After many tribulations we have finally found someone to be my opponent on August 3rd. Dominick Alexander Guinn, with whom I have sparred with many times before, will be stepping into the ring with me. 

Before my fight with Arreola I trained for a few weeks with Ronni Shields. Dominick Guinn was one of my sparring partners. Tall, built well and a strong boxer. His defense is very strong. It is hard to hit him with a clean, strong hit because he knows how to protect himself. He has never lost by a K.O. in his whole career.

He hasn't fought in a year. He has always been in light training and he is ready to accept and attractive offer for a fight. Tomorrow, August 1st I am going to Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. 

Here is the link-  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohegan_Sun.

In the afternoon at the casino there is a conference planned for all of the boxers that will be fighting on August 3rd. I will be in the ring at 10:00pm Eastern U.S. time. In Poland that will be August 4th at 4:00am. The tickets for the fight sold quite quickly which shows that all the boxers will have a fan base present. The link for the program- 


In the U.S. the fight will be shown on NBC Sports Network. In Poland the fight will be shown on POLSAT. I know that many of my fans will be at the fight in the U.S. I can tell from the conversations and the letters that people can't wait to see me fight again. People expect an effective fight from me, which might be difficult given Guinn's fighting style. I will do everything I can to show my superiority in the ring but I will never underestimate my opponent. Press conferences are for talking and the ring is to show everyone what I've been talking about. After the fight, from August 8th until the 11th I am going with my family to the American Czestochowa. It's a traditional pilgrimage with my family and fellow country men from all over the world. On August 17th I will land in the airport in Warsaw. I am flying to Poland for a little less than two weeks. I will see my family in Gilowice and meet some fans in Warsaw and in other cities. I miss Poland, my family and Polish food.