After a two week stay in Poland I have many good memories left. I surely won’t forget my visits to Tomaszowie, Mazowieckie, Spale, Pisaczno, Warszawa, Torun and Biala Podlaska. Boxing fans can always count on my pictures with autographs. I have received many requests from my fans and I appreciate the support. I would like to thank everyone that I saw in Poland once again, I will never forget the warmth and sympathy I received from everyone. I would also like to thank the president of the International Police Association, Arkadiusz Skrzypczakow for giving me an honorary IPA member title. I would also like to dedicate a separate thanks to the organizer of all my meetings- my sponsor, Las Vegas Energy Drink. Now everything is behind me.

Reality has returned. We contracted another fight for November 16th, 2013. My promoters have been speaking with a few different opponents. Recently, we signed a contract with Wiaczeslaw Glazkowy, a Ukrainian boxer who wants to make a good appearance in the heavyweight division. I know him from a few training sessions we had before the last gala. He is fast and hits very hard. He also has good leg movement and many more strong attributes which are all indispensable in the ring. This will surely be an even fight and his style of fighting guarantees for a good fight for fans. In the past couple of days a few boxers have expressed their interest in fighting with me in the nearest future. This has been heard in the media but these fights may occur within the upcoming year. Arreola, Tarver and the others will have to wait until next year. During this time we have to think if these fights make sense and what tv stations can be involved in viewing these fights. I have been saying this for a long time that without television viewing there isn’t any professional boxing. Viewing via television reaches millions of viewers and creates a huge audience for professional boxing.


On September 16th I will start intensive training with Tyler woodman as well as technical training with roger bloodworth. I train twice a day. In the mornings I lift, rest in the afternoons and then I'm in the ring. My health is good which is crucial in this sport. I'm not concerned with my weight just yet but I probably will lose a few pounds after all the training. This training should give me the same advantages that I had during the fight with Guinn.

As we can see in the photo below, Wiczeslaw Glazkow is of similar height and similar build to me. He’s sneaky like a cobra but he waits, it’s a different fight with him, not like the ones during our spars. I am not underestimating him because he quickly defeated his previous opponent by K.O. I will surely have to beware of his strong punches when I would least expect them. He will be very motivated because defeating me will secure him media attention and advancement in the sport world. I will do everything I can to prevent him from achieving his plan.